Sage \"Specialist\" Training (with Sage 50 Accounts v2012 & v2014)

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Course Type
Professional Training Course
Course Fee
$85 $50 only

Course Overview

Master the Sage software with this Line 50, Sage 2012 and all-new Sage 2014 course package. Stay ahead of the competition in your accounting career by being competent in every aspect of Sage.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course content

  • Work through our in-depth units of study as you progress through our engaging videos on your journey towards becoming a sought-after Sage expert. You’ll soon have all the latest knowledge at your fingertips to take control of your company’s accounting function.
  • In Sage 2014 get the lowdown on how to use all the essential routines and elements of this programme.
  • We’ll guide you through installation and setting up a company before you move on to all you need to know about customers, from set up to disputes to reports and much more.
  • Our Suppliers section empowers you to take control of everything supply-related including balances, invoices and credits.
  • The Company – Nominal Ledger, Foreign Trader video explains everything related to your nominal activity.
  • Boost your knowledge bank with our Bank video.
  • In File-Edit-View Welcome Screen find out how to back up, maintain and restore data on files and more.
  • Financials teaches you to successfully implement the audit trail and much more.
  • Find out all you need to know about Fixed Assets before moving on to Quotations.
  • Invoicing won’t be a chore when you get every aspect of this crucial area mastered.
  • Our Wizards, Settings, Tools, Web links, help; Import/Export and Corrections videos will optimise your day-to-day efficiency in Sage.
  • Finally, get up to speed on all aspects of Products and Projects.
  • In Sage 50 Plus Sage 2012 find out all you need to know about the features that have been added or enhanced since the software was first launched.
  • Company Nominal will teach you the latest way to set up a nominal record, look at nominal records, and produce nominal reports and more.
  • In Company Financials find out what’s new with audit, trial balance, ration, variance and more.
  • Our Banking video updates you on setting up new accounts and all your other banking needs.
  • The Customer Interface video covers all the latest ways to make this crucial aspect of your accounting run smoothly. Once you’ve got this covered, move on to the equally important Supplier section.
  • Finish your training by getting the most out of the latest innovations with our Settings, Filing, tools & Edit video tutorials.

About Course Provider

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