SAP CRM TECHNICAL - Customer Relationship Management

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Course Overview

SAP CRM Technical course Syllabus major topics CRM - ABAP, CRM Web User Interface (WEB UI), UI Component Architecture, Business Object Layer - BOL, Generic Interaction Layer - GENIL, Enhancing and Customizing the Work Area,AET ( Application Enhancement Tool ), CRM Middle Ware.

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Who should take this course

Any Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible. Candidates with Customer relations, Technical/fucntional, Developer background. Candidates looking to build a career in SAP CRM. Candidates looking for a career in SAP. Candidates with IT background. Candidates who wants to secure a job and applicable for domestic and global job market. Candidates who are already SAP consultants and want to enhance their skills with new modules SAP end users


Internationally Accepted Certificate

Course content

Duration of Course:

  • 60+ hours

Topics Covered are:

  • Overview of SAP CRM
  • Architecture and evolution of SAP CRM
  • Functionality overview of SAP CRM
  • CRM Business Partner Master data
  • CRM Product Master Data
  • Business Transaction customizing
  • SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp 1 Features
  • Introduction to OOABAP
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Polymorphism
  • Business Transaction Programming/ One order Framework
  • Function Modules for Reading Business Transactions
  • Identifying relevant FM
  • Coding using the FM
  • Function Modules for Modifying the Business Transactions
  • Identifying relevant FM
  • Coding using the FM
  • Function Modules for saving Business Transactions
  • Error/Message Handling
  • Message Logging FMs
  • Programming using Messaging FMs
  • Logging the messages
  • Searching for messages
  • Deleting the messages
  • Business Addin s in CRM and Programming BADI
  • Techniques for Finding Appropriate BAdi
  • Implementing a BADI
  • Action Profile BADI
  • Introduction to Business Server Pages
  • Architecture of Business Server Pages
  • Components of a Business Server page
  • Controllers
  • Business Server Page
  • Page with flow logic
  • View
  • Page Fragment
  • Navigation structure
  • Application Class
  • MIME Objects
  • Page Attributes
  • Layout
  • Event Handlers
  • BSP Programming models
  • Basic Model
  • MVC approach
  • Debugging BSP Applications
  • CRM Web UI Basics CRM 7.0
  • UI Concepts
  • Web UI Architecture
  • Business Roles customizing
  • Navigation Bar customizing
  • WebUI Component Work bench
  • WebUI Component Concept
  • Elements of WebUI Component
  • Component Controller
  • Custom Controller
  • Views
  • View Controller
  • Context
  • Context nodes
  • Runtime Repository
  • UI Configuration/ personalization
  • Enhancing webUI components
  • Transaction launcher
  • GUI Transactions
  • URL - Non BSP
  • URL - BSP
  • Logo Customizing
  • CRM Web UI Technical
  • GENIL Model Browser
  • GENIL BOL Browser
  • Component Context
  • View Context Class
  • Context Nodes
  • Attributes
  • Getter and Setter Methods
  • BOL Programming Basics:
  • Objects in BOL Programming
  • Classes and Interfaces in BOL Programming
  • Setting UP BOL Service
  • Accessing Component Sets and Components
  • Query execution - Query Services
  • Accessing the BOL entities/Fields
  • Using BOL Collections
  • BOL Transaction Programming
  • Creating Transaction entities
  • Accessing Transaction entities
  • Modifying Transaction entities
  • Defaulting the field values
  • Creating a Custom Component
  • Creating a view
  • Making a view Configurable
  • Creating a View set
  • Creating a context node
  • Event Handlers
  • Inbound and Outbound Plugs
  • Navigation maintenance

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