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Course Overview

If you want to be an expert at ''SAP/OS DB Migration'' or want to clear "SAP OS/DB Migration certificate" then it's required to understand various tools used for OS/DB Migration and also a practical understanding on how it works. Well then you are at the right place, as this course will help you achieve all these goals.

What are the prerequisites for this course:

You need to have some experience as SAP BASIS consultant to understand the terminology used in this course and some basic understanding of Operating systems and Databases.

Who should take this course

This course is meant for persons who has some experience as SAP BASIS Consultants and want to learn about SAP OS/DB Migration.


Internationally Accepted Certificate

Course content

SAP OSDB Duration of Course:

  • 8 hours

SAP OSDB Topics Covered are:

  • SAP System: OS and DB Migration
  • Introduction
  • SAP homogeneous system copy
  • SAP heterogeneous system copy
  • Introduction to Migration tools
  • SAP OS/DB Migration Check
  • The Migration Project
  • Project & Time Schedule of an OS/DB Migration
  • Migration Partners & Contractual agreements
  • System Copy Methods
  • Database Specific & R3LOAD System copy Method
  • SAP Migration Tools
  • R3SETUP and SAPINST release features
  • Export/Import tools & tasks
  • ABAP & JAVA Directory structures
  • Understand and control the export and import processes
  • Technical Background Knowledge
  • ABAP table types and storage parameters
  • ABAP & JAVA data types and data access
  • ABAP& JAVA Dictionary
  • Understand R3LOAD Control and Data Files Structures
  • Understand JLOAD Control and Data Files Structures
  • R3LOAD/JLOAD Command Line Options
  • Advanced Migration Techniques
  • Time critical steps in an Export & Import Steps
  • Methods/Strategies to save time in Migration
  • Understand Distribution Monitor
  • Perform ABAP/JAVA Migration
  • Prepare the migration in source system
  • Unload the data in the source system
  • Transport the data to the target system
  • Install & configure the target system
  • Load the target system
  • Perform the migration follow-up tasks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recognize & Analyse the errors
  • Export/Import restart Behaviour
  • Special Projects
  • MDS/IMIG method
  • Understand Unicode conversion

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