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Course Overview

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the methodologies, tools, and best practices for formulating, designing, and improving your very own SAP Fiori application. This will give you an edge over the competition for the same requirements

The arrival of a new technology will need professionals to learn the technology and assimilate expertise in delivering solutions based on the new technology. The learning is required to remain competitive in the job market

This course is focused on taking SAPUI5 and Fiori design guidelines and showing you how to apply them to your own unique business needs. Or, in other words, building your own SAP Fiori application that's just as brilliant and user-friendly as SAP applications.

By learning SAPUI5, You will be able to develop responsive web applications both with static content and dynamic content (Server side). This will enrich your technical skills to a new level which is the current market trend. With ui5 and fiori knowledge you will be able to develop cloud applications for desktop and mobile devices.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested in SAP Fiori and Design Thinking Solution Consultants Application Developers Mobile Application Developers UX Designers Web developer


Internationally Accepted Certificate

Course content

SAP UI5 Duration of Course:

  • 50+ hours

SAP UI5 Topics Covered are:

  • Introduction to SAP UI5
  • Scope of SAP and non-SAP programming in Application Development
  • System Requirements
  • Understanding eclipse platform
  • SAP UI Development Tool Kit for HTML5 - Demo kit
  • Creation of Simple UI5 Application
  • Introduction to UI5 Libraries and API reference
  • HTML Programming - Introduction
  • HTML Tags- SAP UI5 Training
  • Creation of web page with HTML
  • JAVA Script Programming - Introduction
  • Variable declarations
  • IF condition
  • Dealing with Arrays
  • Using Functions
  • Trouble Shooting - SAPUI5 Fiori Online Course
  • CSS Programming - Introduction
  • Creation Style Sheets
  • CSS Element ID Identification
  • Applying colors, gradients, float, background formatting, margins, padding and font properties
  • Triggering CSS from Java Script
  • UI5 Application Project Folder Structure
  • Understanding auto generated code
  • UI5 Controls and API Reference
  • Using Controls From more Than One Library File
  • Table Control - SAP UI5 Training
  • Using Java Script Functions
  • Binding Data to Variable and Table from OData Services
  • Using oData Model for data binding
  • Using JSON Model for data binding
  • Message Controls
  • Layout Controls
  • Responsive Design
  • Troubleshooting and Application Trace
  • Model View Controller for UI5- SAPUI5 Fiori Online Course
  • Navigating between multiple Views
  • Introduction to Web IDE
  • Using Master Details Template
  • Creating Views with XML
  • Understanding UI5 Explored API
  • Optimization Techniques - Fragments
  • Using layout Editor in Web IDE- SAP UI5 Training
  • Creating UI5 apps based on mobile library
  • Changing Design with Custom Style Sheet
  • SAP Theme Designer
  • Performance Considerations for UI5 development
  • Secured UI5 Application Development (Browser, Transport, Server and Integration)

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