Securiser l'infrastructure IT grace au Ethical Hacking

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In 2015, cybercrime worldwide cost $ 400 billion , and according to consulting firm Juniper Research, by 2022, this amount will grow to more than $ 8 trillion.

Would you be the next system administrator lost a significant amount to your business?

What are the different actions to implement to evaluate current security methods to better secure the system infrastructure of your company?

This is the goal of this training entitled "Securing IT Infrastructure Through Ethical Piracy".

My name is Landry AHOUANSOU and I will be your host throughout this training which contains 20 videos divided into 4 large modules.

In the first module, after an introductory video I will explain in a very simple way what is ethical hacking because in terms of cybersecurity, hacking takes many colors: white, gray and black. Once, with the values ??of an ethical hacker included, I'll show you how he looks for and identifies current threats and vulnerabilities in order to eradicate them and defend against any outside attack.

In the second module, I will show you why ethical hacking is the key to strengthening network security and is one of the most popular skills for IT security professionals. You will master all the basics of the concept of defense in depth, know how to handle incidents, and especially how to create and implement security policies to harden the computer system of a company.

In the third module, I will give you all the keys and tricks to protect the data of a company against all kinds of threats such as viruses, spam, worms, ransomware, trojans, spyware and also against different types of attacks like physical attacks, brute force, social engineering, malware recognition and denial of service. I will also explain how to implement certain security measures based on existing laws and regulations and how to apply the COBIT repository.

In the fourth module, having explored the landscape of current threats by dissecting the main attack vectors and the motives of attacks, I will give you step by step the various methods to follow to secure an organization, as well as the best strategies that you will enhance a company's security objectives.

If you really want to become an ethical hacker or start securing your own network, this training is for you.

So without further ado, let's start the adventure together starting with the first module.

Basic knowledge Take an interest in the security of a company's data and the will to develop new skills

Who should take this course

  • IT security managers
  • System and Network Administrators
  • People interested in cybersecurity
  • Incident Management Team Leaders
  • Anyone wishing to learn the basics of Hacking


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Course content

What will you learn

  • Understand the landscape of current threats
  • Manage incidents
  • Create security policies
  • Protect professional and personal data
  • Understand the COBIT repository
  • Perform penetration tests
  • Master the basics of Ethical Hacking

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