Self-Storage Investing: Make Passive Income Today!

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About this Course:

Self-storage is an investment that offers outstanding returns and diversification along with downside protection.

High Yields

According to the National Association of REIT self-storage had an average annual return of 17.43 percent from 1994 - 2017. This is higher than apartments residential industrial office properties and the SandP 500!

Excellent Diversification

The most common advice given to investors is to diversify your portfolio to protect yourself. You need assets that are low risk yet give you passive income (especially for retirement.)

But if you've been watching the stock market - or the price of Bitcoin - you know that the world is incredibly unpredictable.

Do you throw some money into an IRA and pray it works out? Purchase some rental properties and be woken up at 2AM by angry who always pay late and will leave the property in shambles when they leave?

Instead of only having a few tenants you can diversify because you can have 50 self-storage units in the same place as you had 3 rental units! And Self-storage investments are not directly correlated with the market and produce reliable cash-flow.

Recession Resistance:

What you need is an asset that will perform well when the economy takes a turn for the worst.

Americans have way too much clutter and that clutter can make you some serious money! When the economy is good people buy more stuff and need somewhere to store it. On the other hand when times are bad people lose their homes or downsize and utilize self-storage as a short-term holding area and wait for the economy to improve.

This is why I love self storage! It offers:

  • Impressive cash-flow
  • Diversity
  • Recession Protection

What are you waiting for?

Enroll Now and Start Generating Passive Income!

Basic knowledge:

  • No previous knowledge required. You just need A laptop and a desire to make money.

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone new to Real Estate
  • Experienced/ intermediate residential real estate investors
  • Private investors
  • Those who want to make SERIOUS MONEY in Real Estate


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Be able to Pick the Right Type of Storage for You
  • Asses a Self-Storage Property and Business
  • Analyze the Financials of a Self-Storage Property
  • Know how to Finance a Self-Storage Property
  • Understand key things about managing a self-storage property


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