Social Media Marketing Advanced Diploma

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

To wind up noticeably a specialist in marketing and finding out about online networking advertising which will help you to your professional success. Web-based social networking Marketing is a highly strong marketing place as everybody utilises it and it's heavily been all over the place & is one of the most advanced, cheap and less time-consuming technique. This course will help you take in the propelled aptitudes, learning, and information about online networking promoting and comprehend the estimation of web-based social networking buzz and how beneficial it will result for you. Discover how to use the site design improvement and think about advertising on prevalent web-based social networking, Twitter and Pinterest. Get to study the best social marketing strategies through the web and excel in your business.

Who should take this course

As there is no experience and qualification required for this course, it is available for all students from any academic backgrounds.



Course content


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Value of Social Media Buzz and What It Can Do For Your Business
  • Developing a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Setup and Manage a Facebook Page That Works
  • Tweet Your Way to Online Prominence
  • Build Your Network with LinkedIn
  • Captivate Your Audience with YouTube
  • Conclusion
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • What Is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Search Engines That Use SEO
  • Using SEO In Website Text
  • Using SEO For Google Ads
  • Using SEO For Article Marketing
  • Using SEO In Press Releases
  • Using Longtail Keywords
  • Using Google To Discover The Best Keywords
  • SEO For Video Ads
  • SEO In Photos
  • Blogging With SEO Marketing
  • Using A SEO Company
  • Facebook Marketing Basics
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Why You Should Care
  • Setting up a Facebook Page
  • How to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Advertising
  • How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?
  • Marketing on Facebook
  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Understanding Edge Rank & the Art of Engagement
  • How Facebook Works
  • Setting up Facebook Business Page
  • Adding Background Graphics and Uploading Pictures
  • Page Settings
  • Using Basic Facebook Controls
  • Posts that Engage Your Fans
  • Using Basic Facebook Controls
  • Invite Friends to Your Facebook Page
  • Call To Action Button
  • Viewing Your Notifications
  • Facebook Promotions
  • Managing Your Facebook
  • Twitter Social Marketing
  • What You Need to Start with Twitter
  • How to Create Twitter Profile
  • How to Update Your Profile
  • Building Your Twitter Network
  • How and When to Tweet
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Instagram Marketing
  • What is Instagram?
  • Instagram for Business
  • Instagram & Community
  • Pinterest Social Marketing
  • What is Pinterest
  • How to Create an Account
  • Putting a Pinterest Browser Button for Convenience
  • Connecting to Social Networks
  • Putting a Pinterest Browser Button for Convenience
  • Setting Up Initial Business Account Profile
  • Creating Boards
  • Pinning Items That Interest You
  • Using Pins
  • Widgets
  • Exploring Types of Widgets
  • Adding a Pin It Widget to Your Site
  • Google Adwords
  • Benefits of online advertising and AdWords
  • Choosing a campaign type
  • Measure your results
  • Google+ Advertising and Networking
  • Offerings from Google
  • Privacy Settings
  • How to Create an Account
  • Adding Friends
  • Using Google+
  • Posts
  • Creating an Ad with Google
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Part 1
  • Diagnose Landing Pages Part 2
  • LinkedIn
  • The Potential of LinkedIn's Network
  • Creating a LinkedIn Account
  • Enhancing Careers with LinkedIn
  • Finding a Job with LinkedIn Job Boards
  • Be Identifiable
  • Connecting with Others
  • Creating a Post
  • Mining Your Contracts Networks
  • Staying in Touch with Your Connections
  • Creating a Linked Company Page
  • Blogging Basics
  • Introduction
  • The Anatomy Of A Profitable Blog
  • Quick & Easy Optimization
  • Extending Your Blog's Functionality
  • Turbocharged Profit Strategies
  • YouTube Channels
  • Skills Needed for Interesting Video
  • Skills Needed for Interesting Video: The Story
  • Skills Needed for Interesting Video: The Story (Cont.)
  • Skills Needed for Interesting Video Planning
  • How to Manage Your YouTube Account
  • How to Create Your YouTube Account
  • How to Create Your YouTube Channel
  • Browsing YouTube Channels
  • Video Manager
  • Creator Studio
  • Create Video

  • Why Should You Choose Social Media Marketing Advanced Diploma

  • Properly curated course with comprehensive syllabus
  • 1 year accessibility to the course
  • Full-time tutor support on working days (Monday - Friday)
  • Efficient exam system, assessment and instant results
  • Free e-Certificate
  • Instant certificate validation facility
  • Internationally recognised accredited qualification
  • Access to the course content on mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere anytime
  • Eligible for NUS Extra card which gives you 1000's of discounts from biggest companies.

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