Teaching In China: Tips For Teaching Kindergarten Level

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About this Course:

Are you coming to China to teach Chinese Kindergarten students? Learn useful and practical tips for teaching 3-6-year-old kindergarten students in China as an ESL teacher. An honest advice from an on-site teacher straight from the heart, no script, no sugar coating, and just plain knowledge about the real-life classroom setting about teaching kindergarten in China.

Here's the thing, you saw an online job offer in China as an ESL teacher and you are going to teach little kids. So you are excited and can't wait to get started. Not to mention, accommodations, internet, and housing are all provided by the school all for free!

So you flew all the way from your beloved country to China and now it's time for the first classroom Demo Lesson, the parents and kids are all excited, leaders and some teachers are also there to observe, and then you began your most awaited moment and as soon as you began to talk, some kids began to cry and quarrel, some were running, some were shouting and others were rolling on the floor and you are lost, you don't know how to manage them. The result, a total disaster! Then you said to yourself, why am I here?

What went wrong? You did not know how to handle the kids, if you did, it should have not happened. This course is designed to help you as a teacher become successful in your career as a kindergarten teacher in China. I will give you some practical classroom teaching situation advice that you can immediately use to teach the kindergarten level.

You will learn some tricks on how to teach the different student levels from 3-6 years old and some practical advice on classroom management so that the next time you do your demonstration teaching, you will have a total control of your class and students will enjoy the lesson.

Allow me to guide you and help you get started in your career. I have more than a decade of teaching experience that could benefit you. In this course, you will hear my honest advice as a classroom teacher.

Enroll now and enrich your teaching skills. If you can teach kindergarten, you will have no problem teaching another student levels from primary to university. But, if you don't know how to teach kindergarten, your opportunity is limited.

"One of the best-paid careers in China is teaching at the kindergarten level as parents would pay that much for their kid's education".

Basic knowledge:

  • Basic writing skills - Needed to write a lesson plan
  • Willing to sing and dance and roll on the floor for the students
  • A little drawing skills - Needed to prepare visual aids
  • Basic technical skills - Needed to operate the projector, smart TV or computer to TV monitor
  • Genuine love for teaching and kids- Needed to last for the job

Who should take this course

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Any one who desires to learn it.


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Write a Lesson Plan designed for kindergarten students ages 3-6 years old.
  • Manage and teach different student levels in the kindergarten effectively
  • Familiarize the INs and OUTs of teaching little kids
  • Teach kids with competence

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