The Building Blocks of Great Relationships

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We need more than an understanding of what good relationships require of us in order to create a great partnership. Many of us are aware of the things that we ''should'' do to create a fulfilling relationship, yet, for some reason we find ourselves unable to do the many of those things. This chapter will identify some of the reasons why so many of us find ourselves repeating old routines, even when we ''know better'', and how to break out of these frustrating and damaging patterns and transform a breakdown into a breakthrough.

Video titles for the course:

  • Bloom talks - Essentials for a Successful Relationship
  • Relationships and Marriage - That Which Doesn't Kill Us
  • Fixing a Broken Relationship
  • What Great Relationships Have in Common
  • Handout - Secrets of Great Relationships
  • High priority - Holding the relationship as a very high priority in life.
  • Quality of attention - Really showing up and giving each other undivided attention.
  • Enlightened self-interest - This refers to the understanding and trust that what a person does to enhance another's quality of life enhances one's own quality of life as well.
  • Balancing personal needs with relationship needs -Maintaining the ever-shifting balance between attending to one's personal needs without neglecting the needs of the relationship, and vice-versa.
  • Resilience -The ability to learn from and grow through life's challenges.
  • Responsibility -The willingness to look at one's part in the ups and downs of the relationship.
  • Generosity of Spirit - Living from the question - ''How may I best love you?''
  • Skillful management of differences - Preventing the inevitable relationship differences from deteriorating into destructive conflict through utilization of skillful means.
  • Higher purpose - The relationship is both an end in and of itself as well as a means to a greater end.
  • Openness to life - A willingness to embrace life fully, including its difficult aspects.
  • Vision - The capacity to recognize and work towards the realization of new possibilities.
  • Believing Eyes - Seeing the beauty, goodness, and gifts of another and continually offering that to each other.
  • Humor, playfulness and fun
  • Shared fundamental values

Basic knowledge:

  • This course isn't simply didactic, but is also experiential. It is necessary for you to understand what will be required is more than simply to listen, take notes, and receive the information that is given
  • The course will hopefully provoke and evoke feelings, opinions, concerns, and experiences that are not simply generic to most people, but also those that are specific and personal to each individual in the relationship

Who should take this course

You have responsibility for a team within a business and wish to manage more effectively. You work in business and need to build relationships but lack confidence, or struggle to do so. Your role within a business incorporates marketing but you have no formal training. You work in a specific marketing role within a business /charity/not-for-profit organisation with no formal training. You are looking to motivate others in an established business in the B2B or B2C environment.


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What will you learn:

The course will also provide you with some of the essential tools that are necessary to learn how to manage the inevitable conflicts that arise in even the best of relationships. We will also identify examples of the practices that will support you in strengthening the specific building blocks that will enhance your ability to take a relationship from Good to Great!

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