The Power of JavaScript Serverless

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You have already heard the famous line - "the front end is the new backend".

For several years already, the trend of web architectures (microservices) consists in delegating the maximum of "METER LOGIC" to the client in order to lighten the server (thus saving cost and maintenance time) or in certain cases, to totally do without it.

This "serverless philosophy" is not only a fashion, it is in great demand in the professional world.

Thanks to this course, you will learn through 6 practical cases, especially going from the simplest to the most complex to:

  • Create a full javascript contact form in cross domain with Google Apps Script (which will send the email)
  • Save your users' IP addresses using the ipify API (and other customer information) in a Google spreadsheet
  • Create a CORS proxy server, using the FaaS Webtask service based on nodeJS to be able to bypass the restrictions of certain domains that do not accept the sharing of resources from different origins
  • Upload a file over IPFS with the official JavaScript library js-ipfs-http-client
  • Create a "minimalist" version of the PopCorntime application allowing you to play a selection of streaming and peer-to-peer movies directly from your browser using the official JavaScript WebTorrent library, which uses WebSocket and WebRTC technologies
  • Upload multiple files SIMULTANEOUSLY in a "resilient" manner over IPFS with persistent cryptographic fingerprints on a free online couchdb service (NoSQL) (Cloudant), coupled with the PouchDB JavaScript and pouchdb-authentication libraries without using a server language
  • As a bonus, you will see how to deploy, host your JavaScript clients and AUTOMATICALLY report their potential errors, without ever taking out your credit card, thanks to the Netlify and Sentry platforms

Basic knowledge:

  • 1 year of JavaScript programming experience (es6 and beyond)
  • Have already used fetch, asynchronous functions (or notions about promises in JavaScript)
  • Understanding of CORS and cross domain issues
  • Good command of html and css

Who should take this course

This course is for JavaScript web developers who want to get into Serverless JavaScript development.


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Course content

What will you learn:

  • Upload file to IPFS in JavaScript BROWSER
  • Create a CORS proxy server via a FaaS nodeJS in order to be able to "fetch" any domain from yours
  • Create a web interface reading a selection of torrents in peer-to-peer streaming from the PopCorntime API
  • Create a cross domain mail sending form linked to a Google Apps Script
  • Save the IP addresses of your visitors using the ipify API in a Google spreadsheet
  • Create a "RESILIENT" photo storage system with IPFS, pouchDB and a free online couchDB service
  • Deploy, host your JavaScript clients and report their potential errors AUTOMATICALLY without ever taking out your credit card

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