Train the Trainer Bootcamp Part 3 - Mastery Certification

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About this Course:

This program dives deeply into the strategies and techniques you need to be an effective trainer. You'll not only discover how to motivate adult learners, keep them interested, deal with challenging participants, and maximize learning, but you will actually do it yourself.

The Complete Trainer Bootcamp Classroom Training Mastery Course Details.

This three-part, 16-hour program dives deeply into the strategies, techniques, and tools you need to be an effective trainer. You'll learn how to motivate adult learners, keep them interested, deal with challenging or disgruntled participants, maximize learning and retention, and you will actually do it yourself!

Part 1 - Open Convincingly:

  • Make them feel safe before class
  • Start with an amazing opener
  • Build credibility and rapport
  • Open convincingly practice
  • Open convincingly project

Part 2 - Teach Effectively (You are Here):

  • Open convincingly assessment
  • Keep them engaged
  • Help them follow along
  • Ensure they understand
  • Use effective body language and tone
  • Teach effectively practice
  • Teach effectively project

Part 3 - Manage Trainees:

  • Teach effectively assessment
  • Answer any question
  • Minimize distractions
  • Show it was worthwhile
  • Ensure Individual Success
  • Manage trainees practice
  • Manage trainees assessment
  • Mange trainees project
  • Prepare an irresistible training

PLUS 4 quizzes, 1 for each lesson, to make sure you are understanding all of the material

What You'll Get With All Three Parts of This Program

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

The Classroom Training Mastery Course:

  • 18 Core Modules
  • 47 Video Lessons
  • 310 Page Classroom Training Mastery Learner Workbook
  • 12 Review Quizzes
  • 18 Practical "Your Turn" Assignments
  • 3 Review Projects

Who this course is for:

  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Project Managers
  • Human Resource
  • Training Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Academic Leaders
  • Executives
  • Business Professionals
  • Curriculum Writers

Basic knowledge:

  • Sign up for Train the Trainer Bootcamp Part 1, 2 and 3 for the Full Trainer Bootcamp Experience.
  • Download the Trainer Bootcamp Workbook that accompanies this course so that you can follow along perfectly with what is being said.
  • Stop the video when Jason says to do each of the many activities that are in this program so that you can get the bootcamp experience.
  • Apply each of the Your turns that occur in each of the major section descriptions to your training so that you can see dramatic differences in your training Rule the Room Bootcamp Style!

Who should take this course

Trainers Teachers Project Managers Human Resource Managers Training Managers Instructional Designers Academic Leaders Executives Business Professionals Curriculum Writers


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • How to create Trust with each trainee before class even starts (Do this right and you'll see participants crave your class and want only YOU as their trainer!)
  • How to captivate them within the first five minutes (HINT - have a "less than amazing opener" and their excitement and enthusiasm will suffer.)
  • How to use proven techniques to generate More credibility and More rapport and get them in the palm of your hand by the first break
  • Which questions and techniques you should be engaging them on a lesson-to-lesson basis so their minds never wander
  • "Attention CPR"How to help them follow along and make sure they stay on track and get them listening and participating again!
  • The "lightbulbs" concept attainment strategy (and why applying these 5 simple steps will practically ensure they "get it" - even for the most challenging concepts.)
  • Using Non-Verbals - 6 body language and tone of voice techniques to get you're your trainees to listen, learn, follow, understand and apply what you say.
  • Four Q&A steps that actually work and ensure you're only the perfect questions! (This is how to answer any question, even if you haven't got an answer)
  • The two most important things to do with Any challenging trainee to minimize distractions (Get this wrong the negative, inattentive and apathetic employees will take control)
  • Amazing Ending - The perfect way to end the class and show it was worthwhile to move them to respond with enthusiasm and apply what they learned to the real world
  • Benchmark Assessing - How to ensure each learner has mastered key objectives (so you always know who's ready to move forward even after class is done)
  • The 9 sneaky tricks that triple your classroom fun and enjoyment (and when to use them)
  • Lesson Plan Creation - The exact steps to prepare and practice your own irresistible training that you can be certain they will crave everything you have to teach
  • 3 must-use tools to organize your material deliverability (and visuals that make sure complex ideas are clearer and more memorable)
  • And much, Much more!

About Course Provider

Simpliv LLC, a platform for learning and teaching online courses. We basically focus on online learning which helps to learn business concepts, software technology to develop personal and professional goals through video library by recognized industry experts or trainers.

Why Simpliv

With the ever-evolving industry trends, there is a constant need of the professionally designed learning solutions that deliver key innovations on time and on a budget to achieve long-term success.

Simpliv understands the changing needs and allows the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learnings to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in the various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

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