Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management | CPHRM

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Course Overview

CPHRM course covers basic concepts of risk management in healthcare, employment practices, and general risk management strategies. It also goes over specific risk areas including medical malpractice, strategies to reduce liability, managing positions and litigation alternatives.

CPHRM course includes an emphasis on outpatient medicine and the risks associated with electronic medical records.

This course covers academic medical settings and the impact on healthcare delivery, ambulatory and outpatient surgery, risk management for infection control programs, telemedicine, risk management in ambulatory care settings, and risk management in office-based surgery.

Who should take this course

Healthcare professionals desiring to demonstrate expertise in the field of healthcare quality can set themselves apart from the crowd by obtaining the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) certification. CPHQ certification assures healthcare employers and the general public that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to work in the field of healthcare quality. Mometrix has developed the CPHQ study guide to assist you in obtaining the prestigious designation as a certified Professional in Healthcare Quality • Quality Manager • Instrumentation Engineer • Doctors • Nurses • Lab Technicians • QA/QC Engineer

Career options after graduation

Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist Senior Improvement Consultant Quality Manager Clinical Quality Specialist - Emergency Department Patient Safety Officer Consulting Manager, Clinical Documentation Improvement Chief Quality & Safety Officer


Anexas Europe

Course content

Anexas Consultancy SE Pvt Ltd offers different certification programs for health care professionals, including the CPHRM exam. The American Hospital Association offers advocacy, research, services and performance improvement support for health care professionals and organizations. For example, they provide advocacy for key health care risk management issues, such as health care reform, quality and safety. The CPHRM is one of six distinct exam programs offered by the American Hospital Association. The CPHRM exam is designed for health care risk management professionals whose main duties include preventing, reducing and controlling losses to people and organizations. Regardless of the health care organization, these professionals work with countless other team members in order to accomplish their objectives. Their duties may include data analysis, report creation, risk evaluation, accident investigation, finance trending and claims management. To be eligible for CPHRM exam, a candidate must have the appropriate education, health care or risk management experience. For education or health care experience, they must have a bachelor's degree with five years of experience, or an associate's degree with seven years of experience or a high school diploma with nine years of experience.

About Course Provider

Anexas means 'Attached' in Portuguese and Spanish.

Anexas is a global network of attached professionals and organizations serving the wide spectrum of industries. We operate in 12 countries and have 35 permanent staff and more than 200 professionals working with member firms and partners around the world. Innovative, Daring, Ahead-of-times, Visionary… these are some of the epithets used about Anexas in the media in the past decade because of the fast growth and high customer satisfaction achieved in process excellence and project management services by us.

Anexas is a leading provider of Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management, IT, Balance Score Card, software development, TRIZ, Business Process Management, simulation for process excellence, System Architect, management training and Consulting services to Organizations and individuals belonging to various domains like Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, IT, ITES, Telecommunications, Services to name a few. We customize our training modules and consulting services as per the client needs and ensure they get the highest ROI.

So far we have implemented lean and six sigma and guided more than 120 organizations worldwide in doing process improvement projects. We value our relationship with our clients and are committed to helping them to achieve their business objectives through lean and six sigma performance improvement methodologies.

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