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Course Overview

In the current climate of managed care, tight cost controls, limited resources, and the growing demand for health care services, conditions for medical errors are ripe. Nearly 100,000 people die each year from medical errors and tens of thousands more are injured. safety.

This course covers the full spectrum of patient safety and risk reduction― from the fundamentals of the science of safety, through a thorough discussion of operational issues, and the application of the principles of research. Real-life case studies from renowned health care organizations. It examines the newest scientific advances in the science of safety.

CPPS puts greater emphasis on this practical side of patient safety with examples of team-based initiatives to show how patient safety can be improved by changing practices, both cultural and technological, throughout whole organizations.

Who should take this course

​Physicians Nurses​ Pharmacists​ Patient Safety Professionals​ Quality and Risk Management Professionals​ Health Care Executives​ Non-Clinical Health Care Professionals​ ​All other health care professionals with the requisite background​

Career options after graduation

Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist Senior Improvement Consultant Quality Manager Clinical Quality Specialist - Emergency Department Patient Safety Officer Consulting Manager, Clinical Documentation Improvement Chief Quality & Safety Officer


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Course content

The Evolution of Patient Safety Patient Safety Ground Rounds Human Error in Healthcare IOM Elements of Quality Dimensions of Patient Safety Leadership Influence in Managing Patient Safety Measuring Safety Patient Safety Professional Responsibilities Teamwork and Communication Creating and Improving A Culture of Safety Rapid Response Teams Reporting and Learning from Errors Patient Involvement in Patient Safety Setting Standards and Developing Indicators Compliance Monitoring Systems Identifying Improvement Opportunities Using Teamwork in Patient Safety SBAR RCA methodologies FMEA Ethical Issues in Patient Safety

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