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Competencies are highly useful in recruitment and selection, performance management and succession planning. There is a significant relationship between the effective training and guidance provided by the line managers, supervisors and trainers and the levels of employee satisfaction, commitment and motivation. The learning manager of the organization needs to know how to identify the need of the training, plan and organize the process of training that will be most efficient to meet the requirement. Today's L&D manager faces tough challenges to get buy in, show effectiveness through training metrics.

Who should take this course

L&D Manager, Functional Consultants Regional Training Managers Senior Trainers, OD Managers L&D Principals, L&D Heads Training specialists, Freelancers Operation Managers, DGM-Training & Development CFO, Corporate trainers, senior executive-training E-learning Specialist, Lead Trainer & Coach


Certificate accredited by the Carlton Advanced Management Institute(CAMI) Board approved by HRCI

Course content

Competency Mapping What is Competency and Why is it Used? Competence Measures Creating Competency Maps for Roles Competency Assessment Training Need Analysis 3600 Feedback Techniques for assessing competencies Competence Assessment Centers Developmental Planning and Design Setting Learning Goals and Objectives Creating Individual Developmental Plans (IDP) Creating a Developmental Calendar Checklist for a Good Design Developmental Evaluation Kirkpatrick's 4 Step Model Human Capital Readiness and Assessing the Impact of Training Correlation Studies to Validate Training and ROI Getting Management Buy in Use of Perceptual Model, Analytics – Based ROI

About Course Provider

Middle Earth HR is today one of the largest specialist training, education and knowledge support companies for HR professionals worldwide. It was founded by Nitin Sanker and Nandita Sanker in 1996.The duo strongly believed that HR in Organizations play a vital role in bringing smiles to the employees and their productivity. They aimed to build HR and thus human happiness by creating learning opportunities and bringing a change in HR in Organizations.

Under the leadership of Nitin Sanker, MEHR has partnered with Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI), a global affiliating partner and a research body. MEHR extended certifications for its training programs which were hugely successful because of its curriculum, industry validation, and experiential trainers.

MEHR takes pride that it has trained more than 35000 HR professionals from all levels across the globe and also has partnered with more than a 1000 companies in their HR training & development.

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