Future Technologies Bootcamp

10 - 12 Dec 2019 (3 days)
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Professional Training Course
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Technologies are changing our lifestyle and the way we live, communicate, move and do business. Moreover, the new emerging digital technologies are going to fully transform life and businesses, and it is crucial to be prepared with updated knowledge, skills and mindsets. No matter the industry sector, all organisations must undoubtedly take the initiative of digital transformation empowered by emerging digital technologies before the disruption drives them away from business and behind their competitors.

Furthermore, data science is one of the most important disciplines in the 21st century, due to the profound knowledge and wisdom that may be extracted from transactional data to drive businesses and provide executives with actionable insights to make informed decisions. Additionally, data science is an emerging discipline using machine learning to build analytical models. Due to the large amounts and various types of data being processed in a timely manner, big data becomes the driver for data science to assure the delivery of outcomes with values.

Course fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Who should take this course

This bootcamp is a must-attend, hands-on learning opportunity for those who are looking to learn about the emerging and future technological trends which are, and will continue to, shape global businesses and modern society.

The bootcamp will greatly benefit the following professionals (among other job titles):

  • Technology enthusiasts
  • IT, digital and technology staff, managers and directors
  • Business managers, directors and owners
  • C-level executives (including Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Executive Officers, etc.)
  • Government officials

Additionally, this course has been designed for professionals with interest and passion in technology and its impact on the world.


Certificate of Completion

Course content

By attending this unmissable and invigorating bootcamp, attendees will gain key insight into new and future technological trends which are and will continue to shape global business and modern society.

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