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Starts Sep 2019 (2 Years)
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Postgraduate Course
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Course Overview

The attitude of Jewellery & Metalwork has shifted from a purely object-centred focus to a wider scope, questioning and exploring issues centred on the human condition. We are responsive to the rapidly changing social and cultural landscape, and draw on history and technology in nurturing intellectual and creative skills directed at understanding and pushing forward jewellery and objects of human making. The rich and extensive bodies of knowledge associated with object-making and jewellery underpin an approach that is outward-looking, open to the wider discourse on commodity objects, connecting to contemporary life.

As artists, being in control of the making process either by using our hands or through digital technologies is very important, it is our way of making sense of the world. As individuals, we are fascinated with the rich and diverse materials and resources the world has to offer, and through the individuality of our personal visions we make our contribution to the bigger picture. The growing importance and interdisciplinary character of our distinctive discipline within material culture gives the applied arts a special vibrancy and relevance. We believe the physical act of making has an essential role to play in an increasingly virtual world, but we also embrace digital technologies and the virtual in the belief that creating a dialogue between these worlds provides the applied arts with one of its most fertile testing grounds at this time.

Graduates from this programme can be found working i senior creative and design roles in globally recognised brands such as Tiffany in New York, Celine in Paris, London's Hatton Garden and Tasaki in Japan. Many graduates open their own design studios or consultancy businesses with help from our business incubator, InnovationRCA.


Who should take this course

Jewellery & Metal seeks to recruit students who are talented, enthusiastic, energetic, professionally minded, with an open and critical approach to design and making.

Course content

The Programme offers:

  • Support from a dedicated and diverse academic and technical team
  • Exploration of the rich and diverse field of adornment and objects
  • The opportunity to find your own angle on the subject
  • The chance to think through materials and making, while learning to be resourceful
  • Both analogue and digital tools and facilities.

Core Themes are divided into headings that align to important themes within Jewellery &Metal. These are: Material Thinking, Concepts/Narratives, Miniature Thinking, Metal and Digital/Analogue.

Students will be placed in a Core Theme that best suits them and which allows them to best address and explore design methodologies, professional contexts and presentation skills. Throughout the year the Programme will offer a series of technical and digital inductions/introductions to emerging technologies.

The work that emerges from our programme reflects Jewellery & Metal's philosophy of an expanded creative practice that nurtures individual artistic development and professional positioning. The key emphasis of the Jewellery & Metal Programme is on the personal project. A personal project evolves from the student's emerging interests in relation to the total experience of the course. It is supported by individual tutorials and subject to periodic review. The other curriculum components are designed to complement and underpin this work, developing and deepening students' understanding of their chosen subject and strengthening confidence in developing their creative skills and finding their own artistic voice.

About Course Provider

The Royal College of Art is the world’s leading university of art and design, placing at Number One in the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 QS World University Rankings.

Wholly postgraduate and specialising in teaching and research, the RCA offers the degrees of MA, MPhil and PhD across the disciplines of applied art, fine art, design, communications and humanities. There are over 1,750 Master’s and doctoral students and more than 1,000 professionals interacting with them - including scholars, art and design practitioners--along with specialists, advisers and distinguished visitors.

The College is rightly proud of its graduates'​ achievements. Alumni from the RCA form part of an international network of creative individuals who have shaped and continue to shape the culture surrounding all of us – from the landscape of our cities to the furniture and appliances in our homes, and from the clothes we wear and the films we watch to the work we experience in galleries and the cars we drive.

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