Measurement and Sensor Technology

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Measurement of different properties is the key in any chemical, physical, thermal, electronic, optical or mechanical process. Accurate and quick measurement allow for identification of errors explaining of phenomena and prediction of efficiency of different systems. Measurement has been of great importance since the beginning of civilization. Nowadays, we have progressed to digital measurement through sensors and detectors in various fields. This comprehensive course deals with measurement technology sensors and detectors in different fields of industrial interest. Due to the vast range of all scientific fields each course will comprise about 1/3 of the written contents for a duration of 5 days. Each course will contain detailed info on the fields of interest.

Who should take this course

This course is a great match for:

Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, physicists, electronics engineers, biochemists, and others that aim at understanding measurements and sensor technology. Academic students and personnel looking to increase their understanding in the field.



Course content

Day One - Measurement instrumentation:

  • Operational modes of instrumentation
  • Accuracy of measurements Displacement measurements
  • Thickness measurements
  • Proximity sensing
  • Position location measurement

Day Two - Volume measurement Velocity measurement:

  • Area measurement
  • Time and frequency Mass and weight
  • Density Viscosity Force and strain
  • Tensile Pressure measurements
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Flow measurements
  • Surface tension

Day Three - Temperature measurements:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Heat transfer Voltage measurement
  • Power measurement
  • Phase measurement Capacitance
  • Electric field strength
  • Magnetic field strength P
  • ermeability & hysteresis

Day Four - Q Factor Noise:

  • Photometry and radiometry
  • Colorimetry Densitometry
  • Optical loss R
  • Refractivity Polarizability
  • Turbidity Radioactivity

Day Five - Charged particle:

  • Neutron measurement
  • Chemical composition pH humidity
  • Biopotentials
  • Signal processing - amplifiers, modulation, filters, spectrum analysis analogue to digital telemetry sensor networks Displays Control - PID PID Optimal control

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