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Reverse Osmosis is a technology with various applications of tremendous interest; among those applications desalination of water is critical for many regions in the world. Reverse Osmosis application requires understanding of a plethora of scientific and technical principles which are presented in detail in this scientific seminar.

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Engineers workers research scientists. Executives managers and directors of desalination units. Investors in desalination units.



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Reverse Osmosis principles. Osmosis Reverse Osmosis dead end filtration and cross flow filtration. System flow rating Recovery and Rejection. Concentration polarizationc Fouling Scaling. Silt Density Index Modified Fouling Index. Langelier Saturation Index. Transport models. Membrane technology. Basic Flow patterns (Arrays recycle, double pass, Multiple Trains). Reverse Osmosis Skids. Water quality science and principles. Mechanical Pretreatment. Chemical Pretreatment. Sequencing of pretreatment technologies. Membrane bio fouling and disinfection approaches. Design considerations. On line and off line operations. Performance degradation. System Engineering Trouble shooting. Recent breakthroughs and advances. Summary. Conclusions and analysis of near future achievements.

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