08 Sep'20 - 30 Aug'21 (1 year)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The 12-month full-time Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI) is designed to meet the growing need for talented professionals with the skills and advanced applied knowledge to develop, evaluate, refine and implement AI-related applications and technologies.

The immersive curriculum offers a technical foundation in natural language processing, computational methods and modeling, paired with core business skills. Students will explore a critically evolving ethical landscape as they confront moral topics in AI, such as algorithmic bias, data privacy and intelligent agent autonomy.

The capstone Artificial Intelligence Consulting Project (AICP) provides students with an opportunity to solve a significant business problem by designing an AI-centered approach. Working in the Deloitte Cognitive Analytics and Visualization Lab student teams will deliver a solution to a client organization, interacting with industry managers, technicians, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Who should take this course

MMAI is designed for professionals who want to develop skills and advanced applied knowledge to develop, evaluate, refine and implement AI-related applications and technologies.


Vector Institute AI Recognition

Course content

The MMAI program is comprised of 45.00 credits of core courses.

In addition to the curriculum requirements outlined below, the MMAI program is preceded by the following pre-start program:

Satisfactory completion of online course modules in udemy calculus, statistics and computer science Students are eligible for graduation upon their successful completion of 45.00 credits. Expand the menu below to see detailed curriculum requirements.

Term 1 (fall)

  • Mmai 5000 3.00 artificial intelligence fundamentals
  • Mmai 5100 3.00 database fundamentals
  • Mmai 5200 3.00 algorithms for business analysis
  • Mgmt 6300 3.00 case analysis and presentation skills
  • Gs/phil 5340 3.00 ethics and societal implications of artificial intelligence

Term 2 (winter):

  • Mmai 5040 3.00 business applications of artificial intelligence i
  • Mban 5140 3.00 visual analytics and modelling
  • Mmai 5300 3.00 numerical methods and analysis
  • Mmai 6050 6.00 ai consulting project
  • Orgs 6350 3.00 managing change

Note: mmai 6050 6.00 spans terms 2 and 3. Students will enroll in winter and continue the course in term 3 (summer).

Term 3 (summer):

  • Mmai 5090 3.00 business applications of artificial intelligence ii
  • Mmai 5400 3.00 natural language processing
  • Mmai 5500 3.00 applications of neural networks and deep learning in business
  • Orgs 6500 3.00 interpersonal managerial skills

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