Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure (MREI)

08 Sep'20 - 13 Aug'21 (11 months)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The 12-month full-time Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure (MREI) is the first graduate program in Canada that offers a combination of courses in both Real Estate and Infrastructure. The program builds upon the quality and reputation of the MBA specialization in Real Estate and Infrastructure, which was established in 1991.

The MREI integrates leadership development with a focus on entrepreneurial thinking and development, investment and financing of real estate and infrastructure. It combines classroom learning with a one-of-a-kind co-curricular experience, creating strong connections between theory and practical application and capitalizing on a diverse network of alumni and other industry participants.

The comprehensive curriculum examines valuation techniques, legal and regulatory frameworks, investment and business structures and the project life cycle. Students will have opportunities to further explore their professional interests with elective courses in specialized topics.

The backbone of the curriculum is a leadership development course that runs throughout the three terms and integrates learning from the myriad aspects of the student experience.

Who should take this course

MREI is designed for those who aspire to career advancement in real estate and infrastructure development, investment and portfolio management, project finance and consulting. MREI graduates are employed by developers, real estate investment trusts, pension funds and advisory firms, financial institutions, brokerage and consulting firms. Some are entrepreneurs launching their own firms.

Course content

The MREI will require students to complete 42.00 credits over three consecutive terms:

Term 1:

  • Mandatory for all mrei students, 15.00 course credits
  • Prop 6001 0.00 leadership in real estate and infrastructure i
  • Prop 6100 3.00 real estate finance & investment
  • Prop 6200 3.00 development prototypes
  • Prop 6300 3.00 partnership models for infrastructure delivery
  • Prop 6550 3.00 sustainable cities - urbanization infrastructure & strategic choices
  • Prop 6850 3.00 structuring development transactions

Term 2:

  • Mandatory for all mrei students, 12.00 course credits
  • Prop 6002 0.00 leadership in real estate and infrastructure ii
  • Prop 6050 3.00 changing landscapes - historical perspectives on the industry
  • Prop 6150 3.00 economic forces shaping the city
  • Prop 6450 3.00 life of a project
  • Prop 6750 3.00 financing large scale infrastructure

Term 3:

  • 15.00 course credits (2 electives and 2 core courses)
  • Mandatory for all students
  • Prop 6003 3.00 leadership in real estate and infrastructure iii
  • Prop 6080 6.00 creative workshop

Select two electives:

  • Prop 6350 3.00 investing in infrastructure
  • Prop 6600 3.00 real estate portfolio management
  • Prop 6650 3.00 commercial real estate asset management
  • Prop 6780 3.00 case studies in infrastructure

Courses taken during Term 3 will be offered on evenings and weekends. Students will be encouraged to pursue internships or undertake research during Term 3 to enhance experienced-based learning.

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