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GulfTalent has partnered with BridgeTheData to bring you cost of living reports for the Middle East, including:

Section reports (covering UAE, KSA, Qatar, GCC, Egypt and Iran):

  • Job Market & Salary Benchmarking
  • Accommodation & Commercial Property
  • Education
  • Healthcare & Health Insurance
  • Business Licenses & Business Travel
  • Household Goods & Utilities
  • Lifestyle & Hospitality

About BridgeTheData

Formerly known as Cost of Living Reports Middle East, BridgeTheData publishes reports on the cost of living for all of the GCC, Iran and Egypt. With over 12 years of data accumulated on the cost of living across the MENA region, BridgeTheData helps to close the gap between HR and finance personnel and the limitless data points they need access to, to accurately formulate their annual C&B adjustments and allowances.

  • Country-wide reports for 8 MENA countries
  • Sector-wise report options
  • 8+ years of salaries, accommodation and education costs
  • 30 cities in MENA reported on
  • Price: Starting from $600