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Al-Shabaka Technical Institute is one of the fastest growing technical and management training institutions in the Gulf Region. Started as a technical training provider institution in the year 1995, Al Shabaka, positioned itself as a complete solution provider for learning and development needs of the Arab’s world professionals.

Licensed by Ministry of Education, UAE/KHDA, Al Shabaka Technical Institute (ASTI) to conduct short term, mid term and long term programs in various parts of the world, ASTI offers training programs in more than 150 industry verticals and segments including core engineering, construction, business management, health care, education, IT, Languages and engineering management Under the mentor ship of Mr.Mohammed Mazhar Ali, Al Shabaka Technical Institute delivered training solutions to more than 50,000 professionals from various parts of the world and is a training partner to some of the leading organizations in Middle East, Africa and South Asia Region.

Al Shabaka Technical Institute team consists of four program coordinators, seven full time trainers and over twenty part time trainers and subject matter experts. The team also consists of two marketing professionals, two career counselor and one admission officer. Al Shabaka Technical Institute is partner to some of the leading technical and management bodies for industry certifications and trainings.

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