Advance Techniques of Using Google Power Search

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Effective Search Methods:

Identifying when search results are offering information that suggests a quality search. Identifying the meaning of search words selecting right keywords identifying the factors affecting the search queries. Using image search refining results using different media types. Finding different kinds of data efficiently across a variety of sources. Understanding google AdWords suggestions Search-As-you-Type Knowledge Panels Knowledge Graph panels Instant results. Suggestions and Related Searches. Understanding Search-As-You-Type technique, SERP Search Engine Results Page, Page Preview Tools. Identifying the parts of a search engine result. Using sub links within the search engine results to go directly to a sub-page of website Using the site - Limit the results to a domain website or directory. Interpreting a search engine results page. Advance Techniques - Web Organization, Understanding how results are filtered by the operators. Using the site - operator at the top-level domain and website levels. Right words for a target page and to refine results. Using the site - operator within images and news results. Removing non progressive results Advanced techniques in image and other media searching. Combining operators to refine searches. Advance Techniques - Using File Type Advance Techniques - OR and Quotes. Using and QUOTES to search for a phrase. Using and OR to express idea of searching in a multiple way Advance Techniques - Intext and Advanced Search Using Intext Using Advanced Search and User Interface. Shortcuts for finding the facts quickly and efficiently. Data range limiting Limiting results to sources from a specific time. Translation and Search Search pages in foreign languages using English. Translate words sentences and pages. Variant Data How to avoid confirmation bias when conducting searches. How to search efficiently and from accurate sources giving authoritative information. Advance method of Using WHOIS Finding credible information. Occasional misconceptions. Distinguish between the Google products that indicate credibility and those that do not.

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Google started as just a search engine for gathering information with limited resources. It is however an entirely different story now. There is a high level of sophistication and advanced techniques that many are unaware of and as a result are unable to benefit from. These techniques can really improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the search process. This course will reveal the power of searching with google and provides five practical examples of how to use google search. The course will give you clear understanding of how google search works why word order matters how to read search engine results and use many other tools to power search on google. The course will increase the efficiency of your google searches by showing you how to use Google's specialised search tools and strategies.



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All those involved with research or those who want to greatly improve their Google Search skills.

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