Mechanical and Dry Seal Troubleshooting

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This course has been designed to give participants the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand basic functions of mechanical seals including their functions selection and basis of maintenance.
  • Type of mechanical seals and other type of seals available their characteristics and specification requirements.
  • Balancing requirements in relation to mechanical seal requirements.
  • By use of presentations of theory and interactivity to discuss and give the participants the basic knowledge and ability and to be confident in the described equipments in their day to day working environment.
  • There is extensive images and graphics information to assist and develop students understanding a detailed students manual for practical applications in their workplace is also available.

Who should take this course

This course is designed for engineers and technicians who are responsible for Mechanical seals and Balancing requirements.



Course content

Day 1:

  • Pump sealing Gland Packing
  • Stuffing box characteristics
  • Sealing action of packing
  • Controlling box pressures
  • Types of packing and selection

Day 2:

  • Mechanical Seals Part I
  • Mechanical seals Vs Packing
  • Operating principles
  • Seal balance
  • Mechanical seals configurations

Day 3:

  • Mechanical Seals Part II
  • Fluid characteristics
  • Content vacuum service
  • Safety considerations
  • Materials of construction
  • Possible leakage paths
  • Troubleshooting

Day 4:

  • Mechanical Seals Part III
  • Failure patterns
  • Mechanical seal arrangements
  • Wet & Dry seals
  • Mechanical seal selection
  • Installation & Reliable seal operation

Day 5:

  • Seals In General
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Restricting ring seals
  • Mechanical contact seals
  • Seal failure
  • Course review
  • Case studies- John Crane overview
  • Group exercises
  • Course evaluation
  • Animation Video from CBT
  • Yes/Yen Self Skilled Questions based on the above

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