Theory and Practice of Electrochemical Processes

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Electrochemistry is a crucial discipline because of its countless applications. Furthermore nowadays the interest of researchers for electrochemistry is rising in an exponential way because of its implications on newpromising fields (e.g. nanotechnology membrane technology and hydrogen production) making theknowledge of electrochemistry highly valuable.

Who should take this course

This course is intended for every professional that wants to solve practical issues related to electrochemistry in an industrial or laboratory environment. These will include material engineers corrosion engineers test validation engineers, chemical engineers, scientists, researchers, chemists, electrochemists and technicians. Case studies and examples will cover a range of levels making the course also suitable non-technical staff.



Course content

Redox reaction. Electrode potential. Standard electrodes. Overpotentials. Charge transport. Electrical double layer. Electrolysis Galvanic cells. Accumulators Fuel cells Hydrogen fuel cells. Faraday's law of elelctrolysis. Water electrolysis. Electrodeposition. Electroplating. Electrotyping Aluminium production. Copper production and refining Chloroalkali process. Corrosion Passivation Evans diagram. Pourbaix diagrams. Electroanalytical methods. Potentiometry Coulometry Voltammetry Polarography Amperometry.

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