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Professional Training Course
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By the end of the program participants will be able to:

Conduct an End-to-End procurement processUse the different procurement tools and techniques. Be better negotiators. Identify which type of contract to use and when. Have better command of Contract Management, Better manage bidding and tendering processes.

Who should take this course

Procurement Managers, Purchasing Managers, Logistics Managers, Project Managers, Sourcing Managers, Staff wishing to move to the above positions. Corporate Sales Managers, Corporate Sales persons.



Course content

Introduction to Tenders and Contracts Management. The procurement process. What happens at each stage. Variations of each stage. Planning for what's best. Understanding your organization's needs. Make or Buy Analysis. Building your procurement plan. Ways of optimizing your procurement plan. All about Bidding. What happens in a bid. Ethical practices of bids. All About Contracts. What is a Contract? Why have contracts? Different types of contracts. When to use each type of contract. Risks associated with Contract Type When to use each type of contract Procurement/Tendering Documents. Different types of tendering documents. When to use each tendering document. Common Terminology. Supplier Selection. Scientifically Evaluating your suppliers. Choosing the right Supplier. Negotiation. Who the other side really is Win-Win situations. What to negotiate. Setting the negotiation scene. Negotiation tactics. Verbal and non-verbal signals. Contract Management. The main activities. How to manage the different contract types. Conflict resolution. Building a Contract Change Control System. Implementing your Contract Change Control System. Closing-out your contract and ending the transaction.

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London Training for Excellence offer a wide range of training courses in London for organisations and individuals who wish to advance their skills and knowledge in the business world. With a great training centre in London, London TFE have everything that is needed to understand the basic needs of a business. Each course focuses on the ‘real-life’ issues a business could face and how to tackle them with ease.

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