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Professional Training Course
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A positive patient experience is related to better health outcomes and lower readmission rates. Hospitals face operational issues every day that can negatively affect the experience of patients; delays lengthy hospital stays administrative errors and other patient flow barriers. On this course you will analyse the operational issues hospitals encounter and learn how you can address them. You will explore strategies and solutions to improve the patient experience and manage the patient journey more effectively.

Who should take this course

Healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses clinicians, administration staff.



Course content

Module 1:

  • Patient Experience
  • Patient needs and expectations
  • Who is involved in the patient experience?
  • Standards and requirements of care
  • Patient experience improvement framework (NHS)

Module 2:

  • Operational Challenges
  • Patient Flow
  • Waiting times Resources and facilities
  • Staff morale and retention

Module 3:

  • Assessing Patient Experience
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Tools and resources
  • Collecting and analysing feedback
  • Reporting the results

Module 4:

  • Managing the Patient Journey
  • Mapping the patient journey
  • Identifying and addressing issues
  • The patient-centric journey

Module 5:

  • Continuity of Care and Relationships
  • The importance of empathy in healthcare
  • Empathetic opportunities and responses
  • Building resilience
  • Enabling patients to actively participate in their care

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