Practical Problem Solving in Chemical Analysis

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Course Overview

Almost all analytical courses are technique oriented. Each tends to be reviewed in depth but in isolation and without reference to other methods. What distinguishes this course is that it takes an integrated look at analytical techniques with emphasis on the strengths and limitations of each in a problem solving context. The course is designed to give a practical approach to the solution of method problems and technical problems that may require multiple technologies. It will cover proper sampling procedures most of the various analytical and physical measurement tools available for the problem solving including separation methods and classical and instrumental techniques. Additionally the course will cover the important computer procedures that can be used in the analysis of the data. Through the three workshops offered the instructors and the participants will practice examples of problems provided by participants themselves.

Who should take this course

The course is intended for experienced technicians chemists, engineers & managers who have responsibilities or interest in chemical analysis and problem solving. Anyone involved with characterizing of unknowns and handling difficult analytical problems in research, quality control, plant support, regulatory compliance or customer support should find this course very useful.



Course content

Introductions and Objectives:

Defining the problem. Spectroscopy. Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques. Thermal Analysis. Physical Properties. Colligative Physical Properties. Bulk Classical Analytical Methods. Microscopy Chromatography. Surface Analysis Techniques. Sampling Record Keeping. LIMS Multivariate Analysis. Problem Solving Session course.

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