Principles Maintenance and Operations of Turbo Compressors and Centrifugal Gas Compressors

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This seminar presents the scientific principles operation practices and maintenance guidelines for turbo compressors and gas compressors. These devices are found in most industrial applications and their reliability and availability is of the highest importance; both depend on the understanding of operation maintenance approaches and skills of the personnel involved. This seminar presents and discusses all aspects of operation and maintenance of these compressors together with a detailed scientific principles explanation. Our courses are aimed at both intermediate and experienced staff it is expected that all participants will have a good grasp of Excel prior to attending our courses.

Who should take this course

Mechanical engineers
Chemical Engineers
Industrial Engineers Industrial personnel laboratory personnel Scientists from other fields that require a detailed overview/introduction to the topic Operations supervisors/ managers



Course content

Thermodynamic principles [second third law exergy analysis]. Fluid flow principles. CFD compression simulation. Compression principles. Aerodynamics. Performance defining standards. Internal labyrinths. Selection of process compressors. Operating attributes of turbo compressors. Diffuser design. Gas / Steam turbines. Performance testing. Predictive and preventive maintenance. Wet and dry gas seals [centrifugal compressors]. Bearings and stability. Lube and Seal oil systems. Impellers. Rotors Compressor maintenance. Compressor repair. Mechanical Quality. Other classes of compressors. Latest advances in the field.

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