Purchasing Techniques Negotiation and Cost Reduction

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In the world today it is not unusual for more than 50% of an organization's revenue to be spent on goodsand services; everything from raw materials to overnight mail. So when the goal is to increase earnings bylowering costs. World-class organizations look closely at their purchasing strategies. Success in purchasing is dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities but more importantly and the focus ofthis seminar the knowledgeable implementation of the methods processes and techniques that should beutilized in order to become a leader in obtaining real supply management savings.

Who should take this course

Contracts Purchasing and Procurement personnel Engineering Operational Project and Maintenance personnel. All others who are involved in the planning evaluation preparation and management of purchasing tenders and contracts that cover the acquisition of materials equipment and services and who arein organizations whose leadership want high levels of competency in those involved in these activities.



Course content

Day 1 - Continuous Improvement in Cost and Productivity. The Need For Change. How Do Other Functions View Purchasing. A Purchasing Savings Model Total Cost Of Ownership Models. Continuous Improvement Skill Sets Cost Reduction. Initiatives Cost Savings Reporting. Procedure Data Mining Establishing. A Strategic Focus With The ABC Analysis Modern Methods Of Analysing The Spend.

Day 2 - Cost Reduction Opportunities. User Group Brainstorming Sessions. Developing Company Purchase. Price Index And Comparing To External Indexes. Understanding Of Supply Marketplace And How Suppliers Price Benchmarking Process Mapping To Eliminate Low Value Activities. Developing Purchasing Material/Services Strategic Plans Resisting Price Increases You Will Never Be Better Than Your Suppliers Supplier Performance Measurement Cost Saving Methods.

Day 3 - Methods of Price Evaluation. Price Justification Model For Selecting Analysis Methods. Methods Of Price Analysis Competition Historical. Prices How Much Profit Is Fair Methods Of Cost Analysis Breaking Down. The Elements Of Cost Developing and Should Cost. Successful Negotiations. Our Responsibilities As Agents Negotiation Skill Sets Steps In Negotiation Preparation.

Day 4 - Methods Of Persuasion. What Does Win/Win Really Mean? Determining The Issues Defining Issues For Specific Contract Provisions Payment. Terms Progress Payments Warranties Spare Parts Rating & Valuing Issues Standards Of Ethics In Purchasing And Contracting Conduct.

Day 5 - Strengths and Weaknesses. Evaluating Your Position Know Your BATNA Analysing. The Other Side Negotiation Objectives Diagram Negotiations Planning Forms. Prepare The Negotiation Team Tips For The Actual Negotiation Participants will negotiate model cases and discuss the results to provide an opportunity for hands on. experience.

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