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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The aim of training and development is to maximise business performance by identifyingtraining needs in the organisation and then deliver training to meet those needs. This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the training/function. You will learn from case studies and practical exercises how to plan the training process develop and deliver training programmes communicate with participants and evaluate the impact of the training.

Who should take this course

Everybody associated with training:

  • TrainersTraining/L&D consultants
  • Training designers and writers
  • Training administrators
  • HR professionals with Training/LD responsibilities



Course content

Module 1 - Training in context:

  • Program introduction seminar outline and your objectives
  • What does training do?
  • The training cycle The four dimensional TNA model Linking
  • TNA to one training process

Module 2 - Training design and materials:

  • Challenges facing training Training design what's needed
  • The training plan Three critical documents - the specification the trainer's manual the participants' manual
  • Creating visual aids
  • Addressing the needs of the learner - WIIFM

Module 3 - Delivering training:

  • Coordinator's role Trainers preparation
  • Role and place of tests in training
  • Understanding where validation fits
  • Dealing with problem learners

Module 4 - Training evaluation and follow-up:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of training
  • Knowledge transfer skill competence or performance
  • Collating and presenting the client with results
  • Completing the cycle
  • Coaching and mentoring its role and effectiveness

Module 5 - Training costs and value:

  • Types of data required
  • Getting to grips with simple unit costs
  • Outline budgets Celebrating training success

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