Assistant Manager - Restaurant

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Employment: Full Time

- The position is responsible to oversee the planning, implementation and tracking of specific project which has a beginning, an end and specified deliverables.
- Responsible for effective Design Management, Vendor Management, Government Approvals, Construction Management and Handling over to the Maintenance and Operation.

Key Responsibilities Project Excellence
- Planning of New Store Opening
- Visit the store while under construction, look for any possible issues and challenges that might impact during final Handover to operations.
- Review the Store Design and Drawing any concern share it to the Projects team
- Preparing of equipment's as per store requirements
- IT stocks to be sent to Head office for Programming/ Delivery of the same to the New Outlet/ LCD TV installations.
- Planning of transportation of Equipment's to the new outlets, Loading & offloading of all Equipment's& Stocks.
- Open all the Equipment's from its factory packaging and Place them as per the Store Lay out plan.
- Ensuring all the jobs are completed from the contractors.
- Arranging Vendors to do the Equipment's installations of Water Filter system, Grease Trap, Combi Ovens, Diversy products, Freezer & Chiller Commissioning, Meet general trading, Enviro care for Jet flushing, Pest Control by Invaders, Internal Admin requirements from head office.
- Cleaning of the Outlet and Arranging the Food stocks and Non Food Stocks.
- Planning of Furniture Delivery, Installation, and Arrangements.
- Handover of the outlet to the store manager/ Area Manager
- New Equipment's from Canada for New Market launches are taken care by the team.
- Follow up for the Snags with the projects team.
- Jet flushing of the store and any store Drain blockage the NSO team rectifies the matter.


Events Team Job Responsibility:
- Once an Event is confirmed by Operations team / marketing team - Planning of the Event is done for Space management, Equipment requirement, Power and water availability, design and work flow
- Communication of trucks to pick up the Equipment's / Small wares, Counters, Umbrellas, Fit out cabinets, Furniture requirements
- Loading and Offloading of all the equipment's with the help of local labors.
- Coordinate the plan and Stocks movements with the Organizer and follow the rules and regulations of the premises
- Installation & calibration of the brewing Equipment's, Display case, Counters, Refrigerators.
- Handover of the Event store to the operations team.
- During the Event help the Operations team to ensure the equipment's are running smoothly, changing of water gallons, In case any break down of the machines then trouble shooting and fixing the issues. - Once the Event is over, disassemble all the equipment's and clean the machines, wrap the machines and load them to the truck. - Taking full responsibility of all the equipment's and other fixtu res that was send to the events. - Once the Equipment's are arrived in warehouse, its opened and cleaned again, tested and wrapped and kept for the next Events. Equipment's/ small wares Stocks of Timhortons & Coldstone: - All Timhortons equipment's and Small wares are been handled by this team, coordination with RSA warehouse. - Stocks ordering is done by Anthony and communicate to Supply Chain for New stores and stocks purpose, based on the current SOH and upcoming Stores planned. - When new stores are opened all Kitchen Equipment's movements are planned by this team. - Stocks from RSA, Alqouz, DIP, Local Vendors, Installation and commissioning is planned and executed by the team.
- Timhortons Stocks reports are cross checked which are kept in RSA warehouse.
- Pull out of equipment's and sending them to the requested stores is planned by the team.
- Coordination with the 3rd party warehouse in terms of Inbound and out bounds done by Anthony
- All SKU codes and Description of Equipment's and stocks are prepared by Anthony and handed over to 3rd party warehouses.
- Store requests for Equipment's replacement and Small ware requests are first checked by Anthony and after approval issued to the stores.
- Coldstone stocks are all kept in Al qouz and few of them in RSA warehouse, which is partially maintained by the team, Al qouz stocks are full control with Warehouse in charge.
- Any Replacement of equipment's and Emergency duty is been taken care by the team.


The Apparel Group is a global fashion and lifestyle brand conglomerate residing on the crossroads of a modern economy - Dubai, UAE. The mercurial growth in the last 17 years has been by acquiring a host of world class fashion labels from around the world - Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Aldo & Tim Hortons just to name a few.

Today the group caters to thousands of eager shoppers through its over 1530 stores, 75 International brands and employing 12,000 multi cultural staff in over 4 continents. Apparel believes in turning dreams in to reality and we give everyone - our customers, our stakeholders, our employees - an equal opportunity to do so.

Apparel group has carved its strong presence not only in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia but opened thriving gateways to market in India, South Africa, Poland, Singapore, Jordan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Additionally, clear strategies are in place to enter emerging markets such as Hungary, Pakistan, Egypt and Philippines.

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