COMSEC Repairer (COMMEL Technician)

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Employment: Full Time

Work in Kuwait is contingent upon the applicant's ability to obtain a work permit from the State of Kuwait, which is requested on the applicant's behalf by their employer. Effective January 1, 2021, the Kuwait Public Authority of Manpower issued new work permit regulations, informing contractors that it will not issue a work permit to any individual who is fifty-nine (59) years or older and holds a high school grade certificate or less. A bachelor's degree or higher is required for all candidates fifty-nine (59) years or older. See Administrative Decision No. (520) of 2020 AD - Amendment to the Administrative Decision No. (552) of 2018 on Issuing the Work Permit Regulations. Candidates with a current Visa 18 (residency visa) are excluded from the education requirement.

Purpose: COMSEC Repairer is responsible for troubleshooting and repairs of COMSEC equipment.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
- Troubleshooting and repairs of cryptographic devices and other electronic equipment (e.g. receiver/transmitters, both commercial and tactical, circuit cards, telecommunications devices, telephones, teletypes, intrusion detection systems, AOAP spectrometer and similar items and equipment).
- Provide technical advice and assistance to lower-level technicians as required.
- Diagnose cause(s) of malfunctions, identify faulty components and repair to operational standard.
- Adhere to all quality and environmental standards in coordination with ESH plan.
- Manages assigned resources necessary to accomplish the mission.
- Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions on COMSEC systems as identified by density listing.
- Adhere to ISO Policies, Procedures, and Work Instructions.
- Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.

Minimum Position Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
- The COMSEC repairer must be able to test faulty equipment and apply comprehensive technical knowledge of functional operation of electronic units and systems to diagnose cause(s) of malfunctions, apply repairs and to solve complex problems.


- High School Diploma or equivalent required.

- The COMSEC repairer must have 5 years of experience in electronic repair/maintenance and must be qualified to repair KG-81, KG-82, KG-83, KG-84, KG-194, KY-57/58, KI-1C, KY-90, KY-68, KY-78, HGX-82, KGX-93, KT-83 & RT-1523.

Specialized Knowledge and Skills:
- Must have comprehensive knowledge of governing regulations, policies, and procedures.
- Must have a comprehensive knowledge of the Logistics STAMIS in use and must have the ability to supervisor mechanics, provide information, reports, resolve issues, recommend actions to improve delivery of service, coordinate special requirements with production control and shift leads.
- Excellent interpersonal, organizational and analytical skills.
- Must possess the appropriate verbal and written communications to conduct meetings, evaluate plans, and prepare reports, plans and working instructions.

Certification, License & Clearance:
- Driver's license may be required.
- Secret Clearance is required.
- U.S. Citizen required.


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