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Employment: Full Time

A leading player in the energy industry, dedicated to excellence in all aspects of their business. They are committed to nurturing talent, fostering growth and ensuring their workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge required to meet the challenges of today's dynamic energy landscape. I am seeking a Specialist in Learning & Development to join their team and play a pivotal role in shaping the learning journey of their employees.

Key Responsibilities:
As a Specialist in Learning & Development, you will be responsible for:

• Contractor Instructor Oversight: Acting as the first line of oversight for contractor instructors within your assigned job family. This includes managing their work, schedules, personnel planning, and deliverables, as directed by the Superintendent’s Representative.
• Competency Framework Review: Conducting periodic reviews of the Company Competency frameworks, including competency descriptors, proficiency levels, and learning options. Benchmarking against other major National Oil Companies (NOC’s) and International Oil Companies (IOC’s) will also be part of your responsibility. These reviews will occur every two years in alignment with the Personnel Development Plan (PDP) cycle or as directed.
• Recommendations for Updates: Providing recommendations for updating competency frameworks, taking into consideration the need for Knowledge, Skill, and Application elements. These updates should align with Company needs and international best practices.
• Learning Options Enhancement: Recommending updates to the Learning Options, which includes rationalizing available delivery methods and learning titles. You will also evaluate the inclusion of e-learning where appropriate, both in-house and external.
• Alignment with Competency Frameworks: Ensuring that all technical training developed within the OTPD Team aligns with and links to the relevant Competency Frameworks and is reflected in the Learning Options.
• Gap Analysis Participation: Acting as a Reviewer in the Gap Analysis Discussion (GAD) process as part of the PDP cycle.
• Verification of Assessments: Serving as an 'external' verifier for On-the-Job Training (OJT) and in-house Course assessments.
• Quality Assurance: Collaborating with relevant members of OTPD to quality assure the technical content for in-house courses developed within OTPD Team or external courses defined for Gap Analysis Discussions (GAD), Personal Development Plans (PDP), international Attachments, etc.
• Program Development: Working with relevant members of OTPD and the wider Company Learning & Development Community to review and update the Under Development (UD) and Under Training (UT) programs for Graduate Engineer and Diploma Technician new hires.
• Liaison with Operational Teams: Establishing and maintaining communication with other OTPD team members and Company Operational Teams regarding specific technical courses and vendor training.
• Reporting: Providing data input for weekly, quarterly, and monthly reporting as required by the Team Leader OTPD.
• Competency Framework Implementation: Reviewing and updating the technical Competency frameworks, including training catalogues, and loading them into Company-designated systems (e.g., ULMS) in alignment with Company processes and the evolving business environment within 36 months from the contract commencement date.
• Catalogue Review and Update: Collaborating with Instructors (Contractor & KOC) to review, recommend, and update the OTPD technical training catalogue and content in support of the outlined timeline for Instructors' roles in this process.
• Supporting Initiatives: Supporting other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Seniors, and the Team Leader on relevant initiatives, including providing reporting statistics, input to e-Learning modules, competency assurance, and contributing new ideas for learning and development.


• Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Education, Human Resources, or a technical field).
• Proven experience in Learning & Development, preferably within the energy industry.
• Strong understanding of competency frameworks and learning methodologies.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Analytical mindset and attention to detail.
• Ability to work collaboratively in a team and independently.
• Proficiency in using learning management systems and other relevant software.


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