Quality Control Supervisor - Perfume Lab Technician

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Employment: Full Time

We are looking for Quality Control Supervisor (Perfume laboratory technician) who are responsible for testing, analyzing, and creating new perfume formulations. The ideal candidate must have minimum 4 years of experience in Perfume and Cosmetics industry.


• Responsible for conducting the Bill of Materials (BOM) of newly suggested and/ or developed products.
• Required to possess a comprehensive understanding of the raw materials used, both chemical and packaging raw materials. Such raw materials include;
• Different types of perfumery and spray pumps and their applications
• Different types of Alcohol (denatured) used, and their qualities with regards to potency and macuration.
• Different types of bases used, such as diffuser base, hair mist base, etc
• Difference between essential oil, essential water (hydrosol) , and fragrance ( synthetic oils), as well as their applications.
• Responsible for ensuring that all packaging used contains regulatory labels, such as ingredients, usages, and hazardous symbols.
• Responsible for coordinating with the Production Department during the process of quality checkpoints of production.



• Must be knowledgeable about the raw materials used, both chemical and packaging raw materials in Perfume manufacturing
• Minimum 4 Years of similar experience in Perfume Industry
• Experience in Perfumes and Cosmetics are mandatory
• Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry
• Excellent Communication skills in English


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