WTP Technician

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Employment: Full Time

• Carrying out daily checks on all the WTP, CAP, softeners, wastewater treatment equipment, and mill scale handling equipment and helping the mechanical technicians while carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance as per SAP PM Plan.
• Maintaining the quality/parameters of cooling water as per the requirement of QW (closed circuit), CW (open circuit) and, KW (direct contact circuit-spray cooling) circuits by the addition of water treatment chemicals.
• Monitoring the operation of softeners (to maintain the raw water quality for QW circuits) and sand filters to filter the spray cooling water quality and unload mill scale from scale pits with unloading equipment.
• Assisting mechanical technicians while carrying out preventive maintenance (as per PM Plan), attending jobs during planned down days, and corrective maintenance activities.
• Carrying-out daily shift activities and follow-through operation & maintenance problems.
• Studying the system, proper tools handling, safekeeping and working effectively to reduce maintenance costs.
• Proper housekeeping and cleaning of equipment, tools and work areas. Cleaning of equipment areas after any maintenance job.


As a WTP Technician, you will be performing day-to-day shift operating activities, like noting all parameters of WTP equipment, softeners, compressed air plant equipment (CAP), sand filters, wastewater treatment equipment, mill scale handling equipment, and in case of any defects/failure getting them rectified by informing Mechanical Shift In-Charge during the shifts, and also maintain the quality of cooling water of all the circuits as per the requirement by adding treatment chemicals, operating the wastewater treatment plant, unloading mill scales from the scale pits.


The United Steel Industrial Company (Kuwait Steel) is a private Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Industrial Company that was established in the year 1996. Kuwait Steel is headquartered in Kuwait, a Middle Eastern country situated along the Arabian Peninsula, which is a prime, diverse and auspicious environment, full of opportunities and capacity for corporate growth. Predominantly, we strive to manufacture and deliver a wide range of value-added steel products to serve the expanding steel market, locally and at a global scale. Throughout the years, Kuwait Steel has become partners with a wide range of industries and sectors, including construction, industrial, oil and gas companies, with the aim of promoting sustainable development and growth. The company has been founded on the aspiration to deliver and produce high-quality steel products, made possible through innovative research, and to ensure present-day society manages to resolve current needs without having to compromise the demands and requirements needed for the future generation.

We pride ourselves in operating in a manner that reflects honesty, integrity, reliability and most importantly, consistency, which ensures that we achieve, sustain and maintain trust and integrity in the steel industry, without compromising our high standards in delivering customers' steel needs.

Although Kuwait has relied on oil as its main source of income, recently, the objective and aim of the government has been to transform and diversify the economy by becoming less reliant on oil, making this the ideal opportunity for the steel industry to thrive within an attractive and exciting business environment for Kuwait Steel.

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