Network Administrator - Technical Resource

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Employment: Full Time

Urgent Opening for Network Administration Technical Resource Requirements for Muscat, Oman.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Assess the bank's network requirements, design an efficient and secure network infrastructure DC,DR, Branches, ATM's. Implement the network design, including configuring Cisco Core Switches, Expert in Routing ,Switching, Access Switches, Branch Firewalls, Off Site ATM's Firewalls, routers, switches, Call Manager, Voice Gateway, Call Center, POS,F5 LTM, firewalls, and access points. Identify areas for improvement or upgrades based on evaluation findings.
• Monitor and maintain the bank's wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN). This involves troubleshooting network issues, optimizing performance, and ensuring connectivity between different bank Branches, ATM's, Kiosk and data centers.
• Plan, deploy, and manage wireless networks within the bank premises. Configure and secure Wi-Fi access points, enforce appropriate authentication and encryption protocols, and optimize coverage and performance.
• Coordinate with the bank's point-of-sale (POS) system vendors to ensure proper connectivity and functionality. Troubleshoot any network-related issues affecting the POS systems and implement appropriate security measures
• Manage the bank's IP-based telephony systems, including voice over IP (VoIP) services and related infrastructure. Configure and maintain telephony equipment, troubleshoot call quality and connectivity issues, MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete) and ensure compliance with relevant telephony regulations.
• Monitoring Infrastructure via SolarWinds is a common practice for network engineers in the banking industry. It allows for effective monitoring and management of network security devices
• DC Network Infrastructure: Additionally, conducting regular data center capacity evaluations is crucial to ensure optimal performance and scalability.


Skill requirements:

• At least 6-8 years’ experience in IT Network and Security, Design, Implementation & Support.
• Relevant exposure and experience with Network infrastructure like Dynamic Routing, Core switches –N7K series ,Firewalls ,Multi-layer Switching, IP Telephony and Wireless Infrastructure
• Experience with technologies VDC, OSPF, VSS, VRRP, HSRP, BGP, MPLS, ADSL, ISDN, SDWAN, VPN etc.
• Implementation and support experience with OEMs like Cisco, Fortinet , Palo Alto and SolarWinds etc.

Please also give appropriate answers for below queries:
• Can you detail your experience in designing secure network infrastructures for banks, including Data Centers, Disaster Recovery, Branches, and ATMs
• Provide examples of your expertise in configuring Cisco Core Switches, Routing, Switching, Firewalls, Call Manager, F5 LTM, and other relevant network devices mentioned in the JD.
• How do you identify and recommend areas for improvement or upgrades in a network infrastructure
• Explain your approach to troubleshooting network issues and optimizing performance, particularly in a banking environment with various branches and ATMs.
• Briefly describe your process for planning, deploying, and managing wireless networks within a banking premises.
• How do you ensure proper network connectivity and troubleshoot issues affecting POS systems in a banking setup
• Share your experience in managing IP-based telephony systems, including VoIP services and compliance with relevant regulations.
• Are you familiar with monitoring network infrastructure using SolarWinds, and if so, how do you leverage it for effective network management
• Why do you consider regular data center capacity evaluations crucial for ensuring optimal performance and scalability
• How do you ensure compliance with telephony regulations and other industry-specific standards in your network management practices


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