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Posted on: 9 May 2024

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Employment: Full Time

The job holder will be responsible for the delivery of appropriate learning interventions including workshops, coaching and mentoring for retail, logistics and support office team members, in addition to supporting ad hoc training design dependent upon the needs of the territory

Learning & Development Planning and Design

-Ensure identification and analysis of learning needs in coordination within your territory, in association with retail partners and regional L&D manager, and provide inputs to the concept learning & development team

-Using a variety of TNA and Development Centre tools, ensure identification and analysis of learning needs for all staff roles, up to Band 7 within your territory

-Work with the Senior Learning & Development team and the Retail School to identify current business objectives and areas of focus that will require further learning & development interventions

-Formulate the annual and monthly learning & development calendars for the territories in consultation with the concept and territory teams and circulate the calendar in a timely manner

-Work with retail partners (primarily area and concept managers) to analyse development needs at a store level on an ongoing basis

-Plan store visit scheduled, based on outcomes of territory development needs analysis and on-going business needs identified by retail partners

-Provide inputs to the Content Development team to help design learning content and materials (internally administered) in line with concept/ functional requirements to ensure effective and high quality delivery of training to employees

-Work with the Content Development team, to design ad hoc learning materials and programs that your territory specifically requires, to agreed quality standards and deadlines

-For store visits, plan appropriate time slots for observation and coaching, to maximise the output and benefit to KPIs for the store from the visit

Learning Delivery & Administration

-Deliver the sales, service, product and appropriate functional development programmes for the territories within which you are responsible for

-Deliver appropriate individual and group coaching sessions to staff, in-store trainers and management teams upon store visits

-Ensure you deliver a bi-annual observation and feedback to each in-store trainer in the stores you hold learning & development responsibility for

-Provide follow up coaching to staff, in-store trainers and management team members in-store, once they have attended learning programs as part of their development

-Support staff, in-store trainers and management team members in-store in the completion of their action plan, post-learning program attendance

-Design and delivery appropriate learning interventions, to support new store openings, store refits and underperforming stores, in liaison with retail partners

-Monitor provision of high quality learning interventions to all employees on the basis of identified training needs

-Collect employee feedback at the end of every learning & development intervention, and provide the collated report to the Head of Learning & Development

Business Context

-Work as a strategic learning partner with your retail partners (area and concept managers) to establish business needs and implement the full learning cycle to address areas of concern

-Participate in business and management discussion to understand business priorities and goals

-Provide performance coaching to business on ways to improve existing processes and introduce new processes alongside retail partners in-stores

-Work with your regional L&D manager to support retail operations, visual merchandising and other appropriate concept departments in the identification of appropriate learning needs, and the implementation of solutions at a store and territory level

-Work with your regional L&D manager to develop support plans for new store openings and store refits within your territory

-Improve business performance and productivity through training exercises



Founded in 1973 in Bahrain, the Landmark Group has successfully grown into one of the largest and most successful retail organizations in the Middle East. An international, diversified retail conglomerate that encourages entrepreneurship to consistently deliver exceptional value, the Group operates over 900 stores encompassing a retail presence of over 13 million sq. ft. across Middle East, India, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen and Pakistan (franchise operation). The Group employs around 31,000 employees.

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