Chief Development Officer

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Employment: Full Time

Chief Development Officer Job Description

Our company is seeking to hire a Chief Development Officer to oversee the development and growth strategies of the organization. This position is responsible for driving business expansion, increasing revenue streams, and maximizing the company’s overall success.


• Contribute to driving revenue growth and meeting financial targets
• Drive innovation by identifying emerging market trends and competitive opportunities
• Identify new market opportunities, expansion plans, and potential partnerships
• Negotiate and manage agreements to drive growth and value creation
• Implement strategies to achieve revenue targets and maximize profitability
• Assess market potential and develop strategies to capitalize on untapped opportunities for business growth
• Develop strategies to encourage idea generation and facilitate the implementation of innovative solutions
• Leverage data-driven decision-making to optimize business development strategies
• Identify areas for improvement and implement actions to drive performance and achieve business goals
• Analyze performance data and develop strategies to strengthen the organization's market presence
• Utilize data analytics to gather insights, track performance, and identify growth opportunities



• Successful candidates will have a relevant degree for the position such as Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, or a related field.
• Master’s in Business, MBA, will be preferred.
• A deep understanding of business principles, including financial management, market dynamics, risk assessment, and competitive analysis would be required.
• Candidates will be expected to have a sharp business mind and proven experience in strategic planning, business development, and revenue generation.
• Strong knowledge of market trends and industry dynamics will be crucial.

Required experience

• Previous experience in a similar or identical role would be required.

Required Skills

• Candidates should possess strong strategic thinking abilities to identify growth opportunities and formulate long-term plans that align with the organization's vision and goals.
• Must demonstrate strong leadership skills and drive performance.
• Management skills and competence to ensure the successful implementation of growth strategies and prioritize resources, budgets, and timelines will be expected.
• Proficiency in financial analysis and the ability to capitalize on emerging trends and lead organizational transformation initiatives are essential assets.


Helitrope Ventures is a family office with business in multiple sectors which includes construction, trading, retail, fashion, IT among others. Based on the in-depth understanding of economies and enterprises we have consolidated a diversified portfolio. Our Company is commitment to excellence across all of our business lines. We are continuously looking to hire creative, driven, innovative and talented professionals to play the required role in this organization, providing a career platform for employees in various industries.

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