Corporate Development Analyst

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Employment: Full Time

We are looking for a Corporate Development Analyst to support the company's growth and expansion initiatives. This position will be responsible for conducting financial analysis, market research, and evaluating potential investment opportunities, acquisitions, and partnerships. The successful candidate will work closely with senior management to drive strategic decision-making and execute key corporate development initiatives.


• Analyze financial statements, budgets, and forecasts to evaluate the financial performance, potential risks, and rewards of investment opportunities
• Collect and analyze data on market size, growth rates, and key players
• Assess potential investments and acquisition opportunities
• Conduct due diligence, financial modeling, valuation, and risk analysis
• Create presentations that outline findings, recommendations, and financial analysis to senior management
• Identify growth opportunities to enhance the company's market position and competitive advantage
• Gather relevant information to ensure alignment on corporate development initiatives
• Monitor industry trends and regulatory changes that may impact the company's strategic direction
• Prepare regular reports and presentations on the progress and impact of corporate development activities
• Track the performance of completed transactions and strategic initiatives



• To ensure success in the position candidates will have a Bachelor's Degree in finance, business administration, economics, or a related field.
• A Master's degree or MBA will be treated preferentially.
• Candidates will be expected to have knowledge of corporate finance principles and financial metrics evaluation. Proficiency in conducting industry research and competitive analysis is essential.
• Strong understanding of financial modeling and experience in assessing financial statements, identifying risks, and evaluating financial performance will be required.

Required experience

• Previous experience (Internship / 1-2 years) in a similar or identical role would be beneficial.

Required Skills:

• Candidates should have excellent communication skills to effectively convey complex financial concepts and analysis, proficiency in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to support decision-making providing actionable insights.
• Ability to assess investment opportunities, perform risk analysis, and conduct financial feasibility studies would be expected.
• Strong familiarity with industry-specific software solutions, financial modeling tools and techniques to evaluate financial performance and investment opportunities.


Helitrope Ventures is a family office with business in multiple sectors which includes construction, trading, retail, fashion, IT among others. Based on the in-depth understanding of economies and enterprises we have consolidated a diversified portfolio. Our Company is commitment to excellence across all of our business lines. We are continuously looking to hire creative, driven, innovative and talented professionals to play the required role in this organization, providing a career platform for employees in various industries.

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