Insurance Manager - Qatari

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Employment: Full Time

Position: Insurance Manager
Section: Insurance
Company : Nakilat
Location : Doha, Qatar

Preference Will Be Given To Qatari Candidates


Monitor, administer and analyze the company’s, its subsidiaries and Joint Ventures, insurance requirements, ensuring risks are identified and liabilities assessed and insured where appropriate. Ensure that the company’s assets and its business projects are appropriately insured as are all contractors or subcontractors brought in to perform services in relation to the vessels, the shore facilities, and the shipyard.


Strategic Accountabilities:

• Contribute to the formulation of the divisional strategy in alignment with NAKILAT strategy, and support its implementation.
• Participate in formulation and management of Insurance strategy working with senior management to ensure that that strategy is adopted into annual operational business plans, ensuring their implementation, as well as following up progress, and taking corrective actions or deviating plans as needed.
• Member of the Financial Risk Committee for risk evaluation of new business projects

Key Accountabilities:

Insurance portfolio management:
• Review the insurance portfolio for NAKILAT group of companies. This includes vessels, QGTC shore based activities, all Qatar JV’s and Shipyard activities plus the activities of overseas JV’s and the insurance aspects of those activities.
• Analyze new business proposals / projects from an insurance viewpoint. Highlight areas of concern and potential problems.
• Participate with NSQL. in the new terminal vetting, commenting on liability, and insurance requirements.
• Review existing terminal Conditions of Use pilotage and tug agreements/contracts.
• Develop and update proposals in respect to new insurances or amendments to existing policies to fit the business.
• Provide and assist on both a day to day and general more generic basis with the provision of operational and commercial solutions from an insurance viewpoint. This may include creation of or review of LOI’s, contracts and operational procedures. Working with operational teams and external insurer management to achieve quick solutions to issues that may arise in the business operation or in project evaluation.
• Member of the Emergency Response team – Insurance manager will sit on all Emergency Response exercises or incidents to bring insurance and practical knowledge during times of difficulty.

Tender Evaluation:
• Provide advice concerning insurance requirements for tender documents across all aspects of business and assist the Supply/Procurement team and end users in setting out insurance requirements within tender documents.
• Assist in the Supply/Procurement Team and end users’ evaluation of tender documents, with respect to insurance provisions and requirements.
• Create insurance tender documents for all areas of the company’s and JV’s business.
• Evaluate the insurance tenders and advise the Limited Tender Committee or General Tender Committee on the suitability both technically and commercially.
• Review contracts for external contractors and provide input or raise concerns on insurance coverage or their adequacy.

Policy Management:
• Manage all activities related to insurance policy renewals for vessels and shore-based activities of QGTC, NAC and shipyard JV’.
• Review, as required, providing comment on all insurance matters arising from the international JV’s.
• Manage/handle all insurance claims, including the collection of information and advising on liability plus recoverability under policies in relation to all aspects of company and JV business.
• Monitor policies liaising with insurers concerning trading patterns, excluded & high-risk areas, sanction applications and other policy exclusions or restrictions that may from time to time be amended. Notification to end users, commercial and fleet divisions as well as the Legal and Contract of policy wording / clause changes and or trading restrictions arising from insurance availability.
• Provide timely notifications to insurers highlighting probable incidents which will or could result in a claim under the policy guidelines. Liaison with end user, particularly operations teams in fleet and/or shipyard to ensure incidents are recorded and reported.
• Monitor, regularly review and amend Company policies to ensure Nakilat meets the requirements of its insurers.
• Coordinate insurance related inspections/surveys concerning technical and commercial management of the insured business, vessels, and shipyard.
• Ensure insurers recommendations, suggestions and requirements are properly considered and responded to.
• Keep in constant contact with all end users concerning their activities, projects, requirements, and how this can be relayed to insurers to maximize customer relations and flow of information fostering open and confident relationships.
• Regular communication and meetings with senior management at each insurer as well as with the day-to-day service team and management. Ensuring the Company and all its business is promoted, and the vision, mission and values are recognized by all.
• Provision of insurance documents internally to group end users, externally to finance providers, charterers, terminals and authorities and to ship/crew management partners.
• Managing the provision of trading bonds for US, Canadian Customs, and authorities.
• Managing US Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) requirements and renewals
• Provision of Flag State documentation, Blue Cards, ITOPF and MLC related documents.
• General Insurance premium management, approval and payment
• Additional premium management, notification, monitoring payment, recovery.

Claims Handling:
• File and manage claims as necessary under the insurance policy, including fronting claims made against the company, its subsidiaries and local JV’s coordinating with insurers the investigation and defence.
• Major claim management, collisions, fire with multi million USD value.
• Process recoveries with insurers once claims are cleared for settlement. Managing recovery from insurers where possible under the policy, discussing areas of issue with insurers’ management to achieve the best possible recovery for the company.
• Working with the various divisions within the organization to ensure evidence is preserved and properly presented to insurers and to surveyor/lawyers appointed on behalf of the company and its insurer.
• Maintaining records and files concerning claims matters across the different sectors, physical damage/loss of asset, injury/death of employes shore of sea based, third party liability issues.

Risks analysis:
• Analyze existing risk and liabilities in relation to the insurance carried by the company and its joint ventures.
• Collect and monitor the collection of information and data required for the management of existing and prospective insurances, so as to allow analysis of risk and record.
• Advise on cost effective insurance and risk retention.
• Facilitate risk management assessment undertaken for the insurance market, vessel condition surveys, shore base ship management analysis, shipyard JH143 assessments.
• Assist SHEQ teams in relation to insurable risk analysis both ashore and afloat.



• Bachelor’s degree in law, Business Administration, or any related field
• Master’s Degree is preferred.
• A certification in a relevant discipline from an accredited institution is advantageous.

• 12 - 15 years of related experience of which a minimum of 5 in a similar position, preferably in a similar industry and/or with a similar sized ship owner.
• Maritime sea service as deck or engineering office would be advantage.

Job Specific Skills:
• Advanced knowledge of the marine insurance market
• Advanced knowledge of marine risk
• Good knowledge of vessel operation
• Marine claims experience
• Terminal/shipyard insurance experience


Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. (known as Nakilat, which means carriers in Arabic) is a Qatari-listed shipping company established by the State of Qatar to own, operate and manage LNG vessels and to provide shipping and marine-related services to a range of participants within the Qatari hydrocarbon sector. Nakilat is an integral component of the supply chain of some of the largest, most advanced energy projects in the world undertaken by Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas, RasGas and their joint venture partners for the State of Qatar.

Nakilat was established in 2004 and is a joint stock company owned 50% by its founding shareholders and 50% by the public. Nakilat owns 54 LNG vessels, making it the largest LNG ship owner in the world. Our fleet of vessels transport LNG produced from Qatars North Field, the worlds largest non-associated gas field with approximately 15% of the worlds total proven reserves to global markets. These vessels, ordered from Korean shipyards, incorporate the latest technology for safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation of LNG.

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