Purchasing Officer

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Employment: Full Time

Purchasing Officer

Job Summary and Purpose:
Ensure that the company receives maximum value (price, quality etc) for resource allocation the money spent by ensuring efficient procurement of goods and services. Coordinate the purchasing activities for the organization as well as joint venture companies. Resolve any issues that come up, through innovative thinking and teamwork, also ensure complete compliance with departmental, corporate and state policies and procedure.


Key Accountabilities:

1. Assist in tendering and awarding call off agreements for all repetitive purchases as per the policies of the section/ department.
2. Prepare Limited Tender Committee (LTC) submissions for tendering and award proposals. The incumbent shall present the same to tender committees for discussion and getting endorsements.
3. Ensure that all stages of the procurement process from the pre-tender stage to the post-award stage are implemented successfully and that all commitments are entered into the SAP system.
4. Plan and coordinate all activities required for conducting any commodity-based purchases.
5. Capturing all approved long term supply agreements for repetitive purchase in SAP under Outline Agreement.
6. Ensure all the Material Requirements Planning (MRP)s items been captured under commercially viable agreement supply for reduction in inventory, logistics, administrative and overhead costs.
7. Identifying opportunities for the preparation of Service Level Agreements for the combined purchase of Material and services.
8. Perform the material and services procurement process in accordance to the N-KOM’s business requirements in compliance to Company’s policies, department’s procedures and ethical standards to ensure the following:
a) Request for Qoutation (RFQ)/Tendering/Request for Proposal (RFP) and sourcing process is fair, open and ethical with all Vendors and contractors with equal opportunities to all interested parties.
9. Preparation of Purchase Orders contains complete information and is accurate as quoted and negotiated.

Inspection and Control:
10. Identify any non-conformities and make suggestions for improving procedures related to purchasing.
11. Follow-up on orders to ensure that the required materials are shipped and delivered on the date promised by the supplier and captured in SAP as PO delivery date.
12. Conduct value and ageing analysis of the purchased products to improve efficiency.
13. Ensure all delivered materials are in compliance to the PO requirements and close-out Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) on monthly basis.

Relationship Management:
14. Build and maintain effective relationships with the government and custom authorities so as to prevent any problems when goods are imported by the company.
15. Liaise with other departments on a regular basis to identify their requirements for goods and services.
16. Assist in negotiating on commercial terms with suppliers such as prices to maximize the value for money. The incumbent shall always safeguard the company' s interest.
17. Liaise and coordinate with the end users and the logistics staff to ensure on-time deliveries and rectify all OS&Ds with the coordination among Warehouse, logistics and Vendors.
18. Coordinate with the selected bidder to ensure completion of alI administrative processes and submission of all contract signed documents. Also, chasing Accounts and Finance to ensure timely settlements of payments to all the vendors.
19. Communication with internal interfaces for all relevant matters include Engineering, Project Management Teams, Operations Group, QSA, Finance and Commercial.
20. Preparation and presentation of Quarterly KPI reports, daily orders progress, Outline Agreements and expediting reports, and all assignment status sheets to the Head of purchasing

Agreement Activities:
21. Seek opportunities for consolidation by establishing and managing supply agreements/Call-off Agreements which are directed towards reduction of overall acquisition and inventory cost.
22. Collaborate with the joint venture companies of NAKlLAT for joint utilization of supply agreements, and checking for material availability.

Record Management:
23. Maintain accurate records for audit trail purposes as per' P&P of the purchasing section.
24. Support the evaluation of quotations and clarify all technical queries with vendors and end user departments/sections with minimum possible time.
25. Maintain appropriate records to ensure that the procurement process and the contractual agreements are accurately documented (signed contracts,etc.) for accountability and audit purposes.
26. Provide assistance in managing the administrative process from preparation of LTC documents till the award of the contract.
27. Evaluate purchase requisitions and source all the required materials from commercially and technically viable vendors. The incumbent shall use the existing supply agreements/Call off Agreement/ if any.
28. Assist the Head of Purchasing in maintaining all related procurement documents and records.
29. Assist in the preparation of Requests for Quotation, Invitation to Bid, Requests for Proposal and ensure timely dispatch of these documents to concerned parties captured in SAP.
30. Closely following-up with the logistics for deliveries, warehouse for Goods Received Notes (GRN), vendors for invoices, accounts and finance for the critical order payments settlements.
31. Ensure timely issue of RFQs/ Invitation to Tender (ITTs) /RFPs to correct vendors and contractors through system.
32. Ensure Commercial information is kept confidential and not released to persons outside of Procurement group and only to Project or Cost Control Managers in accordance to the policies.
33. Produce accurate Commercial Bid Evaluation (CBE) and ensure the purchasing coordinator are following all details accurately over the CBE before PO release.
34. Create Purchase Order with all supporting documentation (CBE, valid quotations, proposals, TBE/technical datasheets, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), catalogue, LTC approval, contract copy, etc.) as per requirements and ensure the same with the Purchasing coordinator.
35. Ensure all KPIs are met monthly and self generating, monitoring and reporting the personal progress reports.
36. Ensure the purchase orders deliveries and storage of chemicals and supplies schedules are under compliance to the regulations of RLIC and NKOM’s policy towards handling and Storage of Dangerous goods.
37. Updating daily progress to the Senior Purchasing Officer/Engineer. And ensure using of Smartsheet® for reporting the daily targets completion and progress.

Market Research:
38. Conduct market research and gather market intelligence on new products, opportunities and suppliers.
39. Monitor the global trends with regards to all repetitive purchase materials.
40. Assist the end user departments / sections in obtaining the pricing information they require for developing their department / section budget.
41. Purchase Order Close Out in the SAP without remaining any financial liabilities over company.
Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (QHSSE):
42. Adhere to all relevant QHSSE policies, procedures, instructions, and controls so that NKOM provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public and its own people.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:
43. Follow all P&SC policies and procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

44. Expedite all purchase orders or purchase requests as required to achieve target SAP PO delivery date.
45. Monitor the performance of the suppliers of the organization and assist in performing site audit.
46. Provide support to the end users in case of any dispute on price, delivery and quality.
47. Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.


Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

Diploma, or Accredated Bachelor’s Degree in Marine, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation Engineering. Alternatively, a Diploma or Degree in Business or Supply Chain and coupled with commensurate experience.

5 year relevant experience in Shipyard, or Oil & Gas, or process industry within Supply Chain

Job Specific Competencies:

1. Knowledge in Procurement & Supply Chain Operations
2. Global sourcing skills
3. Vendor and Contract Management
4. Procurement skills
5. Product knowledge
6. Knowledge of contract terms and conditions
7. Thorough Knowledge of INCOTERMS
8. Commercial Negotiation Skills
9. Familiarity with shipyard materials
10. Knowledge of Shipyard Operations


N-KOM is one of Middle East's leading shipyards, offering a comprehensive range of marine services as well as solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Strategically located at the heart of oil and gas activities in the Arabian Gulf, Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM) combines a wealth of experience and expertise from its parent companies Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat) and Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM), to provide repair, conversion and construction services for marine vessels, offshore and onshore structures.

Spanning over 50 hectares, the comprehensive facility is equipped with two graving docks and a floating dock that can easily accommodate VLCCs, quays and piers offering a total berthage capacity of 3,150m, a range of workshops ideally situated in front of the drydocks, more than 500,000sqm of fabrication area and sub-contractor facilities on-site, thus enhancing the shipyard's flexibility and capabilities.

With a team of experienced industry professionals, extensive infrastructure and track record of safe, quality and timely project executions, N-KOM has rapidly established itself as the preferred shipyard in the Middle East.

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