Senior Event Manager

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Employment: Full Time

• In charge of managing the activities related to Qatar Rail’s development in terms of planning, organizing, managing and coordinating various types of events. This will include, managing all stakeholders and understanding and supervising all operations. Ensure that the location is safe and equipped on a daily basis for hosting guests. The candidate will also be responsible for managing the grounds and property maintenance and supervising all staff members.
• Managing all maintenance and repairs of the venue grounds, property, equipment, and facilities.
• Ensuring that the venue and facilities are clean and organized.
• Managing all events and liaising with the employer and various stakeholders to determine event requirements.
• Manage all events set up, tear down, and follow up process. Conduct final inspections on the day of the event to ensure everything adheres to the standard requirements.
• Preparing venue hire packages and pricing options and negotiating with clients.
• Supervising all staff including groundsmen, event staff, and maintenance personal.
• Scheduling and coordinating the rental of various equipments, furniture, and other venue equipments.
• Liaising with catering services and supervising their requirements and logistics.
• Supervising the operations of events and tending to any incidents or queries.
• Managing all administrative tasks such as insurance, booking schedules, and invoicing.
• Communicating and enforcing all security regulations and protocols.


• Bachelor’s Degree preferably in marketing, business communications and hospitality management or related field
• A minimum of 10 years experience as a venue or event manager.
• Excellent communication skills in Arabic, written and spoken.


Qatar Project Management (QPM) is an independent subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Development Company that provides expertise in Project Management, Design Management, Construction Management, and Contract Administration together with other associated Project Management functions. Established in 2008, QPM is centralized platform for provision of Project Management services to Barwa and Qatari Diar as well as local and international markets. QPM provides these services through an in-house team of highly-skilled, motivated, and qualified professionals supported by state-of-the-art information technology and highly-effective Project Management systems.

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