Agricultural Technician

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Employment: Full Time

On a behalf of high-profile client, we are looking for outstanding Agricultural Technician, to hire urgently, it is preferable to have work experience in Saudi Arabia or GCC.

Our client is seeking a Senior Agricultural Technician responsible for the day-to-day management of farms and ranches. They help farmers and ranchers with everything from planting crops to harvesting livestock, and they may also assist in managing equipment or other resources.
Agricultural technicians work closely with farmers and ranchers to ensure that their operations run smoothly. This often involves performing a variety of tasks on a daily basis, including monitoring crop growth, testing soil quality, and providing advice on how to best manage the farm’s resources.

Job Duties:
• Monitoring crop growth to identify potential problems with insects, disease, or weeds
• Providing technical support to farmers and other agricultural professionals in their fields
• Performing soil tests to determine nutrient levels and pH levels in order to help farmers make informed decisions about which fertilizers to use on their crops
• Conducting research on agricultural topics such as plant genetics, soil composition, and pest control methods
• Evaluating livestock health to identify any signs of illness or injury
• Maintaining records of animal births and deaths in order to track herd size and performance over time
• Managing the day-to-day operations of a farm, including feeding animals, maintaining equipment, and planting crops
• Conducting research on the development of new products, processes, or methods of farming
• Identifying and treating plant and animal diseases and infestations, such as fungi, bacteria, worms, or insects


• At least a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science, agriculture education or a related field
• Technical skills: Agricultural technicians use technical skills to operate and repair machinery, conduct research and record data. They use their technical skills to identify problems, develop solutions and evaluate the success of their work. They use their technical skills to read
• Problem-solving skills: Agricultural technicians often work with machinery and other complex systems, so they must be able to identify and solve problems. They may be required to identify the source of a problem, research potential solutions and implement the most effective solution.
• Mechanical aptitude: Agricultural technicians use mechanical aptitude to troubleshoot and repair machinery, vehicles and other equipment. They also use mechanical aptitude to build and design agricultural structures and systems. This is an important skill for an agricultural technician to have because they often work with machinery and other equipment that can break down.
• Attention to detail: Agricultural technicians work with a variety of tools and equipment, and they must be able to identify the correct tool for the job. They also work with a variety of chemicals and fertilizers, and attention to detail is necessary to ensure they use the correct chemicals for the crops they’re treating. Attention to detail is also necessary when recording data and maintaining records.


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