Chief Engineer


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

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Employment: Full Time

Company Description

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Job Description

Basic Function

Responsible of the efficient functioning of the Engineering department to maintain the equipment, plant rooms and building in good working order.

Duties & Responsibilities

- Preparing repair & maintenance, heat, light & power budgets.
- Studying carefully the previous year actual expenses.
- Analyzing any abnormal deviation of previous year expenses
- Studying market prices and inflation of rates
- Requesting current prices for materials and parts
- Analyzing previous year energy consumption & cost
- Studying reasons for abnormal consumption
- Considering the expenses to match standard % to revenue
- Considering all mentioned items when budgeting

- Preparing & following up on preventive maintenance programs

- Considering the instructions of manufacturer manuals
- Adjusting the intervals according to recommendations
- Explaining those instructions to the technicians ( training )
- Preparing the working sheets ( kept in Chief Engineer office )
- Distributing copies according intervals
- Observing performing the programs
- Insuring reporting un-maintained items in time
- Filing the actual performed sheets
- Preparing & following up on Preventive maintenance programs
- Considering the instructions of the manufacturer manuals
- Adjusting the intervals according to recommendations
- Explaining those instructions to the technicians (Training)
- Preparing the working sheets ( kept in Chief Engineer office )
- Distributing copies according intervals
- Observing performing the programs
- Insuring reporting un-maintained items on time
- Filing the actual performed sheets
- Dealing with outside contractors
- Surveying for dealing with the best contractors
- Getting more offers for best quality and cost selections
- Selecting good reputation companies
- Observing the assigned contractors performances
- Insuring the contractors sticking to hotel policies
- Informing the concerned of contractors works for security
- Observing the maintenance contractors performance
- Reporting the contracts situations to GM > Monthly
- Observing the engineering stores
- Insuring the proper storing of items
- Observing the stocks balances
- Special care for minimum stock levels
- Regular checking of stocks cards
- Regular checking of rates consumption
- Analysis of abnormal consumption for correction
- Observing slow moving items for correction
- Insuring issuing purchase requests properly and on time
- Supervising the training of the staff
- Observing the previous year staff week points
- Preparing the annual training plan accordingly
- Checking sessions performed by Asst. Chief Engineer
- Performing additional training if any negatives observed
- Matching the training with the P. maintenance observation
- Additional cross training- other dept. if needed (mis-use)
- Reporting the training activities to the General Manager
- Reporting and advising the General Manager any serious matters
- Reporting any matter affecting the building safety
- Reporting any matter affecting guest & staff safety
- Recommending introduction to new safety techniques
- Reporting any serious equipment mis-handled by other departments
- Advising of matters saving any operation expenses
- Reporting any energy shortage problems
- Reporting any maintenance contractor in-fulfillment
- Preparing the F.F.&E Budget
- Reviewing equipment conditions (life time & performance)
- Feed back from other departments (complaints & requirements )
- Determining priorities for reasonable budget
- Surveying prices for budget estimation
- Reporting the items and budgets to the General Manager for approval
- Getting offers for selection upon approval
- Re-adjusting actual prices exceeding the estimated.
- Proceeding in purchasing.
- Handling Staff Matters
- Hiring new suitable staff
- Evaluating staff performance
- Planning annual vacations
- Performing and observing staff training
- Satisfying staff needs (team & individuals )
- Considering personal life affecting the performance
- Analyzing negative attitudes for corrections
- Motivating, rewarding and promoting recommendations
- Coordination with Financial Controller in finance matters
- Cooperation in preparing R&M and L&P expenses budget
- Analyzing any deviation in actual R&N and L&P expenses
- Discussing end of month stores inventory comments
- Mutual checking of department cash flow implementation
- Handling payment procedures for contracting works
- Discussing energy costs
- Mutual checking of abnormal PR (Quantities and Prices)
- Cooperation in implementing FF&E, budget wise.
- Observing the hotel industrial safety equipment functions
- Close communication with industrial safety department
- Securing all hotel areas, fire fighting wise
- Periodic checking and operating of fire pump
- Observing fire sensors periodic checking
- Implementing industrial safety committee recommendations
- Recommending any advanced safety techniques
- Reporting to the General Manager of any safety equipment malfunctioning.
- Perform other duties as may be assigned


- Bachelor's degree in a relevant field
- Experience in maintenance or plant engineering
- Certification or experience in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, or carpentry preferred
- Ability to read blueprints and other technical documents
- Organizational and budgeting skills
- Team management skills


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