Civil Engineer, Qa / Qc

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Employment: Full Time

• QMS implementation Project Quality Inspection, Quality related activities and its coordination to Client / consultant and vendors Inspections.
• Maintain system manuals, international & national standards, client specs, Technical data sheets & handbooks, product range & component catalogues, copy of ITP and all relevant documents related to inspections.
• Verify and assure accreditation, certifications, approvals and accolades along with profiles of vendors, external / third party or independent agencies.
• Maintain quality records such as logbook of the work performed, QA/QC Weekly report, Internal inspection report, NonConformance report (NCR).
• Preparation of quality related documents like ITP, MOS, Checklist PQI, QA/QC weekly report.
• Implementation of ALFANAR LESSON LEARNT PROGRAME. The impact, it reduces many punch points those must be appeared during handover the project.
• Ensure and act for Customer Satisfactions

Monitoring & Inspections
• Ensures that works are carried out as per PTS, IFC drawing and approved method statement.
• Ensures that work is correctly prepared prior to any inspection.
• Conforms that, the works are properly inspected at the required stages as stated in ITP or as required by client.
• Ensures that all material and equipment to be purchased and incorporated into the permanent installation of project are in compliance with the contract, plan, PTS and standard.
• Ensures that required test are performed and verify its compliance against requirement.
• Site installation inspection, material receiving inspection and report to the concerned authority. Control and monitoring inspection and test requirement and data with respect to project PTS
• Assuring the maintenance and calibration of inspection testing equipment.
• Carry out inspections and testing as per plan.
• Preparation of Checklists and RFI'S of all work for Consultant approval, & Inspections.

• Coordination with Execution Team, Project Management, Client and Consultant to deal QC related matters.
• Coordinate with independent testing laboratory for material testing, follow up for test reports and submit to consultant.
• Quality Reporting to TQM Department

Site QA/QC Reporting
• Report quality related matters to Project Manager to taking necessary action and reports to TQM Manager for information.
• Obtain and verify the quality record and maintain it in a traceable, easy retrievable and safe manner. Also maintaining proper log for the QC documents.
• Verification of test results, reporting and recommendation to Project Manager for necessary actions

General Responsibilities

HR Proficiency:
• Training of subordinates and forming a team to get the work effectively achieved.
• Provide leadership, coaching, and direction to subordinates in all aspects of their work.
• Delegate subordinates in each respective assignment.
• Ensures fair distribution of tasks to maintain morale, motivation of subordinates.
• Delivery:
• Perform the planned activities to meet the operational and development targets as per delivery schedules.
• Utilize resources effectively to achieve objectives within efficient cost and time.
• Provide a periodic report formatted by detailing the deviation and execution of planned tasks.

Problem Solving:
• Resolve any related problems arise and escalate any complex operational issues.

• Ensure quality requirements to develop effective quality control and processes including specifications for products or processes or related activities.
• Business Process Improvement (Effectiveness):
• Coordinate welldefined written systems, policies, procedures, and seeking automations opportunities as much as possible.

• Comply to related policy & procedures and work instructions.
• Health & Safety:
• Ensure compliance of relevant safety, quality, and environmental management procedures and controls within defined area of work activity to guarantee safety, legislative compliance, and delivery of highquality products/services.


• Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

• 5 to 10 Years

• Work under pressure
• MS Office
• Teamwork
• Time Management
• Well Organized
• Communication
• Creativity
• Initiative
• Risk Assessment
• Analytical thinking
• Troubleshooting
• Details Oriented
• Report writing


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