Cleaning Technician

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Employment: Full Time

• A cleaning technician is in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of a building, company, or property.
• Though similar to that of maids and janitors, the job consists mainly of deep cleaning tasks.
• As a cleaning technician, your primary duties include cleaning floors, washing walls, disposing of garbage, performing routine maintenance, and inspecting the premises.
• You are also in charge of ordering cleaning materials and equipment.
• Qualifications for this career include prior cleaning and maintenance experience, strong physical stamina, and excellent time management skills.
• Cleaning technicians often work alone after business hours.


Operational Experience as Cleaning Technician

• When working for clients, a cleaning technician may sweep and mop the area, disinfect surfaces, and scrub floors.
• These professionals may also vacuum mats and carpets, handle waste debris, and dispose of trash.

Some other duties of a cleaning technician include

• Using rotating brushes and scrubbing machines to keep floors clean
• Cleaning walls with sponge, solutions, and detergents
• Performing floor-to-ceiling scrubs with vacuum cleaners
• Providing upholstery and carpet cleaning services while performing additional housekeeping duties, such as dusting ceiling vents
• Dusting off cobwebs from the furniture with dust brushes and shampooers
• Observing safety procedures when using cleaning equipment to avoid accidents


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