HSE Engineer


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Posted on: 19 Jan 2024

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Employment: Full Time

Job Purpose

HSE Engineer is responsible to establish the relevant HSE standards in his/her areas, promote/guide/coach on the relevant good practices, and control/report the effective implementation. However, ensuring the commitment of the workforce towards the execution of such standards and practices is the responsibility of the management (e.g. foremen, production engineers, section managers...).

Key Accountability Areas
- Ensure the compliance to HSE management system at his/her work areas by conducting a continuous assessment, monitoring and correcting any situations that may compromise our ability to comply with the HSE laws
- Actively contribute to have the HSE factors considered in all business processes, projects and modifications as well as includes in all departments' culture and practices
- Lead/review the HSE risk assessment/job safety analysis and related actions plan, as such defines the applicable protection/prevention/control measures
- Take any control measure to mitigate the not properly controlled hazard which leads to significant risk for the people or the assets, up to stopping the un-safe activity. Such stoppage should be immediately reported to the executive manager in charge as well as the AED-HSE manager
- Review/control the protection and prevention systems/actions are in place and all control measures done based on HSE requirements
- Ensure that all staff and non-staff are aware of their responsibilities as far HSE is concerned
- Identify the relevant training required for the workforce to perform their work safely and nominate the participants as per HSE department guidelines, prepare the training plan as needs and conducting the required training as well as he is responsible to maintain the records of training results
- Provide awareness and training on the HSE policy, HSE instructions to all new employees before starting their work as well as for alfanar sub-contractors working in his unit
- Implement the operating system/procedures in order to manage occupational safety and health risks and environmental impact, however the unit manager is accountable of implementation
- Check/maintain HSE equipment
- Develop and implement the emergency plan and their related equipment, identify and train the emergency response team (Firefighting team, first aid team, and evacuation team), evacuation drills scenario, scenario testing, and seek to improve the effectiveness of its responses
- Communicate and share the details of emergency response team members to all AED's employees and ensure that such a team is available at all times
- Ensure the responsibilities and actions of all personnel which should be taken during the emergencies are clearly defined
- lead and control the safe evacuation of the employees in case of any emergency situation, however the unit manager is accountable for that
- Monitor the execution of the HSE management system/plan and regular report on the progress to the unit manager and HSE team. As such, conduct daily safety site inspection to identify the potential hazards, and determine the ways of controlling the risks
- Plan and monitor all activities (routine and non-routine) which are carried out on-site either by our business employees or contractor workers to be aligned with the HSE rules/procedures and ensuring that the defined controls (e.g. Personal Protective equipment's "PPE") are effectively in place
- Effectively communicate about HSE issues and/or initiatives during business meetings
- Develop / update / maintain all HSE documentation and the records in the unit system

Role Accountability
- Report all information related to the HSE management system to the unit manager and HSE team
- Identify non-conformance through regular inspection, monitoring, and auditing and lead the preliminary investigation, determine the cause of nonconformity actions and evaluate the need for actions to prevent nonconformities and implement appropriate actions designed to avoid their occurrence
- Maintain records of the nonconformity and communicate the results of the preventive actions to the unit manager and HSE manger, however he should handover the first outcomes to the HSE manager in case of major accident
- Promote the elimination and prevention of accident, near-miss, and occupational illnesses risks at workplaces
- Immediately inform the operational/ technical managers as well as to HSE manager regards to accidents and near-miss and systematically report the minor accidents
- Training of sub-ordinates and forming a team to get the work effectively achieved.
- Provide leadership, coaching, and direction to subordinates in all aspects of their work.
- Delegate sub-ordinates in each respective assignment.
- Ensures fair distribution of tasks to maintain morale, motivation of subordinates.
- Perform the planned activities to meet the operational and development targets as per delivery schedules.
- Utilize resources effectively to achieve objectives within efficient cost and time.
- Provide a periodic report formatted by detailing the deviation and execution of planned tasks.
- Resolve any related problems arise and escalate any complex operational issues.
- Ensure quality requirements to develop effective quality control and processes including specifications for products or processes or related activities.
- Coordinate well-defined written systems, policies, procedures, and seeking automations opportunities as much as possible.
- Comply to related policy & procedures and work instructions.
- Ensure compliance of relevant safety, quality, and environmental management procedures and controls within defined area of work activity to guarantee safety, legislative compliance, and delivery of high-quality products/services


Academic Qualification
- Bachelor Degree in Safety Engineering

Work Experience
- 2 to 5 Years

Technical / Functional Competencies
- Safety Awareness and Compliance
- Safety Reviews and Inspections


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