KG Coordinator

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Employment: Full Time

• Overseeing and managing the daily operations of the kindergarten cycle, responsible for ensuring a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children to learn and develop
• To supervise and follow-up on the achievement of targeted education and methodological objectives of the kindergarten department


• Hold a relevant bachelor's degree or above in the respective subject.
• Possess a valid teaching certification or license.
• Prior teaching experience is preferred, but exceptional fresh graduates will be considered.
• Native English fluency.


Waad Education is a company that focuses on the overall betterment of Saudi society , with areas of emphasis on education and investment. Our company has been promoting creativity, innovation, and overall well-being in tandem with the shift towards a more international approach to business and education.

With its head office located in the Western region of Saudi Arabia, Waad Education employs a team of talented employees and has around five hundred employees throughout its subsidiaries. The company is positioned to make a major impact on today’s youth and on future generations through its investments and development of its’ subsidiaries.

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