Mathematics and Science Teacher

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Employment: Full Time

- Help to formulate and produce coherent long, medium and short term planning which ensures continuity and progression, takes into account the needs of the whole school as well as individual Learners and encourages the development of independent learning.
- Employ a range of suitable learning and teaching strategies and styles to ensure effective learning.
- Present appropriately demanding subject content, skills, and understanding in a clear and stimulating manner, thereby motivating and sustaining the interest of Learners and raising levels of attainment.
- Develop, maintain and use resources appropriate to chosen learning objectives.
- Ensure the effective deployment of Associate Learning Guide support in the classroom.
- Analyse and evaluate the Learner’s learning to inform future planning and teaching and learning activities.
- Create and maintain an orderly, safe, stimulating and informative classroom environment where Learners feel part of a community.
- Take care of the whole school environment and encourage others to do so.
- Set pupil targets, assess progress and maintain records in accordance with school policy.
Identify Gifted and Talented Learners and set appropriately challenging targets.


- Education Required: Bachelor’s degree - in the related subject.
- English Language Fluency.
- High flexibility and ability to adapt to work variables and emergent matters.
- Ability to establish good work relationships with all relevant parties in the work environment.
- Assume work pressure, and the ability to organize time and priorities continuously.
- Have knowledge and understanding of, and maintain good practice and implement changes in accordance with developments in educational theory and practice.


Waad Education is a company that focuses on the overall betterment of Saudi society , with areas of emphasis on education and investment. Our company has been promoting creativity, innovation, and overall well-being in tandem with the shift towards a more international approach to business and education.

With its head office located in the Western region of Saudi Arabia, Waad Education employs a team of talented employees and has around five hundred employees throughout its subsidiaries. The company is positioned to make a major impact on today’s youth and on future generations through its investments and development of its’ subsidiaries.

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